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AWALT, or All Women Are Like That, means that women are hard-wired to respond to certain situations in certain ways. They will react in that way not because they are evil, but because this is their nature. According to riverraider69:

AWALT is both true and not true at the same time. Are all women literally like that? Of course not. But AWALT is a good measuring stick the same way we say "treat all guns as if they're loaded". The downside is so much greater than the cost that it doesn't make sense, from a sexual strategy point of view, to wonder if maybe the one in front of you is an unicorn. Treat her as if she's loaded.

Illimitable Men explains:[1]

hypergamy, solipsism, Machiavellianism and immaturity are principles which make up the AWALT umbrella. Behaviours resulting from those principles would be branch swinging, blame shifting and emotional impulsiveness, among others.

This does not mean all women act on these behavioural drivers in the same way, or that said behaviours manifest to the same degree or frequency. The degree to which, and the frequency of which AWALT traits manifest certainly differs from woman to woman, but that is all that differs, the degree and frequency of behaviour, not the type of behaviour.

Jim writes:[2]

Hypergamy never sleeps, a man must always perform, can never relax, is always on stage, can never let his guard down.

When people say that not all women are like that, NAWALT, it is like aging fat feminists saying that different men have different types so you can’t say one type of beauty overrules the others. Not so: Men want to fuck young, beautiful and fertile women. Women want to fuck arrogant, violent, criminal men. That is all there is to it. We may nuance after accepting that, but only after accepting that.