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An alpha is a socially dominant man. He occupies the highest rank in the socio-sexual hierarchy, and the only rank that, according to Charles Wickelus, is higher than women.[1] According to Chateau Heartiste:[2]

Alpha males are DEMANDING of their women.

They bark orders, issue commands, set expectations, and aren’t afraid to show disappointment if their expectations aren’t met. They will correct their women’s mistakes and rebuke errors of judgment firmly, sometimes fiercely, and without hesitation. . . . .

Women WANT to work for a man’s interest. A man’s respect. A man’s LOVE. A man who challenges women is a man who is rewarded with women’s zeal to please. This is the nature of women.

Rollo writes:[3]

Alpha is a mindset, not a demographic. . . . In my own life I’ve known several men who anyone in the ‘sphere would objectively call Alpha. Their default is to action, dominance, authority and control of whatever life puts in front of them. They handle their shit, they own their business ventures, they have all the Dark Triad traits you might expect from a guy like this – but put them in a social setting with a girl and they go as Beta as any Blue Pill guy you’ll ever know. Their Blue Pill conditioning predisposes them to compartmentalize this aspect of their personality to effectively put their dominant personality to the use of the Feminine Imperative.

Heartiste notes a number of indicators that one is an alpha, such as, "You've ever said 'Are you fucking kidding me?' to an attractive woman" and "You're not the one who’s nervous."[4] He also notes that a super alpha "is perceived so unattainable by most women (keep in mind that super alpha males are much rarer than very beautiful women) that without some compensating behavior or signal designed to reduce the perception of his unattainability, most women will studiously ignore him to preserve their delicate egos."[5]

Women's attitudes toward alphas[edit]

Forge the Sky notes, "Alphas are something else entirely. They are actually people – people drenched with desire, romance, spirit. Him, she can respect. In greater cases even worship. It matters little how well he performs objectively, so long as he does nothing to make her doubt her assessment of him as alpha. If he does perform, she admires and praises his performance – but she’s doing that about something or another regardless, even if she’s gushing about how he bought her a bag of skittles."[6]

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