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Alpha fux, beta bux is a neologism to describe female hypergamy in a short, pithy expression. The term describes women's progression through life as guided by their hypergamous impulses and its influence on their behavior. AFBB before marriage happens frequently in high school and college where an aspiring girl will have sex with an Alpha who is obviously out of her league. Eventually realizing these Alphas will never settle for her, she looks for a willing Beta to marry her and pay for her lifestyle. However, other times the AFBB strategy is a deliberate choice, e.g. when it is part of the Sandberg plan.

Charles Sledge notes, "In ancient times men who were good providers often were also the dominant males. The best hunter in the pack would also have been the one who took the most risks and asserted himself. However in the modern world things have taken a drastic turn."[1] Relampago Furioso explains, "It’s often said a man offers his entire life for the 10 best years of a woman’s life. This is absolutely true from both a biological and economic viewpoint. Women now want to give the 10 best years to an Alpha asshole or Sigma bad boy and stick Beta boy with the bill and baggage they accumulate."[2]


Generally, women between the ages of puberty and their late 20s will have a strong, subconscious desire to mate with strong, masculine, alpha males, often without regard to entering into a long-term relationship (LTR). This is the "alpha fux" stage, also known as the Cock Carousel.

Around the age of 30 and thereafter, many women realize that their child-bearing years are coming to a close and that their youthful looks are starting to fade, thereby reducing their sexual market value. Thus, at this point, women will begin looking for a male who will provide them with long-term provisioning and support via an LTR, often in marriage. Women often hope that the LTR will allow them to fulfill their matronly desires to produce offspring. Although women still desire alpha males in this stage, they are more willing to choose a mate based on his provisioning ability and will overlook his lack of alpha characteristics. This is the "beta bucks" stage as women will be more willing to settle for a sexual or long-term relationship with a beta male.

During their younger years, women will sometimes prey on beta males in order to obtain financial or some other advantage. Because beta males are often inexperienced in the dating arena and are unwilling or unable to recognize women's hypergamous natures, they may provide gifts, money, favors, or some other benefit on women without receiving a commitment or sexual relationship from the women in return. Thus, some women will have sexual relations with "bad boy" alpha males without expectation of financial benefit while at the same time convincing beta males to provide them with services or favors without having sex with them.

Implications for the concept of true love[edit]

Auvergnat writes:[3]

Women's mind and heart are ruled by AF;BB.

Saying to a beta boyfriend, or a prospective beta boyfriend, that "with alpha Chad it was just sex but with beta Bob it is real love" is just a sentence invented by women to keep Bob happy with his transactional sex situation. A social convention to serve the feminine biological imperative, as Rollo would say.

Beta Bob ain't supposed to discover that the most intense Passion a woman can feel for a man is the one that comes with her strong urge to fuck a sexually attractive alpha, independently of his giving away time, money or attention.

How women managed to turn the definition of that word "Love" from "the uncontrollable and unconditional sexual passion of a woman for her Alpha" (or of a man for any hot woman) to "the contentment arising from fulfilling her need for long-term commitment of a Beta male resources, obtained through the exchange of sexual favors (or not)" is a testament to the incredible power of Female Manipulation working on a social scale.


According to Heartiste:[4]

For the majority, an “alpha fux, beta bux” strategy will net them, if they are in reasonably good shape, a decade of fantasy-fueling sex and miserable relationships, culminating in marriage (and a bank-busting wedding extravaganza) to a doughy herbling who must know deep in his bones that he is paying dearly for damaged product which better men than he used for free back when it was fresh off the shelves. He must also know that his rode-worn beloved who is about to execute the final stage of her indentured beta male servant plan considers him a second-rate alternative to the lovers of her past. If women don’t think this galls the betas who must accede to these liberated, feminist-friendly conditions, they are in for a rude awakening when they discover how quickly the hubby herblings give up on life and on pleasing their cackling sow wives.

An “alpha fux, beta bux” dating strategy may sound, on paper, very pleasing to women, but pursuit of it is almost guaranteed to lead to frustration and bitterness for most women in the modern mating market. One, the natural order of things can withstand only so much subversion before the spirit breaks. An aging woman with an extensive sexual history will come to resent her unexciting diaper-changing bore of a husband with whom she settled, and he will resent her rapidly imploding sexual attractiveness, acidic demeanor and daily tacit reminders of his low status.



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