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A badboy is a man who could care less about the woman he is with, uses her for sexual fulfillment, and always puts himself first.[1] These behaviors tend to attract and turn on young women, especially when they're ovulating. Women usually want to not only sleep with jerks, but "reform" them and keep them around to help raise the kids they hope to have with them.[2]

According to Bonecrker, "'Badboys' are pussies, not alpha males. The easiest way to tell if a man is alpha is to observe if he has the respect and cooperation of other men, especially other men in general (i.e. he has power and respect in society, not just socially). You very rarely see a 'badboy' meet these criteria. When you do, it's usually an alpha fooling around to get laid."[3]

Girlschase notes:[4]

When a woman says, “Oh, I HATE playboys!" what she isn’t saying is, “I never want to date another playboy again because they don’t match my interests in the slightest," but, rather, “I really, really LIKE playboys, but I’m really frustrated because I can’t seem to get them to do what I want them to do in relationships (like stay loyal). Not that I’m going to give up and quit trying, of course."

Imagine doing something you really enjoy doing, but that is also difficult, frustrating, and hard – say, imagine playing some really addictive, but challenging, video game. Right after you die again, you throw your hands up in the air and say, “Oh, I HATE this game so much!"

Alphamaletraits notes that "the 'Bad Boy' image shouldn't be confused with the 'Jerk Boy' image. If women admit being attracted to the 'Bad Boy' image, they are probably referring to the confident, unafraid and risk taking men who have a good look about them and who will challenge the women they meet instead of kissing their butt."[5]

Bad boy look and behavior[edit]


Tattoos can contribute to the bad boy look. Roissy notes, "A badboy will forget every birthday, anniversary, and holiday."[6]

PA advises, "If you're dating a no-class bitchy type of girl who is hot but not LTR material, then yes, sure, unload the bad boy. If you have a wife or a girlfriend who is good to you, then blunt the edge with a playful attitude."


jf12 notes:[7]

Since Jerk game is so much more successful, objectively, with women, it’s interesting that women play up the ineffectiveness of Nice game so much so that “Nice guys are the real Jerks” is what women believe. Clearly, women admit being turned off by Nice, but refuse to admit being turned on by Jerk.


Roissy notes:[8]

The evidence in total is becoming clear. If it’s sex with cute, young chicks you want, then being a badboy, or learning to be a simulacra of a badboy, is your best avenue to success. If it’s LTRs you want, even then your best bet is to be a badboy, because fast sex opens doors to long term (and long term, if you aren’t careful) possibilities.

But clearly women, and particularly women of more northerly latitudes, retain a vestige of love in their hearts for reliable, predictable niceguys as LTR fodder, and this is borne out in many studies; it’s scary to take a chance on a badboy who might leave you to the harsh winters to raise your kids alone. So ideally, as the master seducer you wish to become (or you wouldn’t be reading here), the pose to strike is one of charmingly aloof badboyness coupled with hints of undercurrents of loving, dependable niceguyness. Not too much more than a hint of an undercurrent, though. You don’t want to frighten the kitty; you want to entice the kitty with dangling strings.

Rollo notes that "women debate the aspects of acceptable, lovable Jerk-like qualities and the evil, user, manipulative, ‘dark art’ Jerk that only contextually misaligns with their present conditions and priorities."[9]


Nick notes:[10]

With opened eyes I see how “nice” really means weak and supplicating, while “jerk” and “asshole” is a blue-pill beta form of slut shaming. Betas try to disqualify guys who get laid just as women try to disqualify their peers for giving it up too easily and lowering the market value for tail.

Guys don’t get laid a lot because they are mean to women, it’s because they put themselves and their desires first, always. Women who talk about wanting “nice” guys aren’t lying, they’ve been conditioned just as betas have. The thing is that they ultimately defer to biology and human nature, going for what arouses them. Weak men however have a superhuman ability to fight against nature, against all evidence to the contrary that their chivalrous disposition will pay off one day.

I still consider myself an honorable and compassionate man, and I also hold a girl by the throat when I kiss her, while pulling on her hair. It works over and over, roses and compliments don’t.

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