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Bernard Sanders (born 8 September 1941) is an American politician, the current Vermont Senator since 2007 and between 2015 and 2016 a candidate for the 2016 US presidential election, as he sought the Democratic nomination.[1]

He is known for his communist views - he is even on record supporting the USSR's breadlines.[2] Despite this, he has a large amount of support from the millennial generation and Generation Z. To exploit the gullibility of Sanders supporters, 4chan created images disguising recipes for poison gas and explosives as recipes for Sanders-branded glowsticks and crystals.

Until he was 40, he didn't work a steady job.[citation needed]

In 1987, he recorded a folk album called We Shall Overcome[3][4]. The album is known for the lack of talent displayed on it by Sanders.

In July 2016, Sanders dropped out of the presidential race and officially endorsed Hillary Clinton, causing many of his former supporters to chimp out.

After the election, there was some speculation that he could have won if he had been nominated.[5]


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