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Black Pill Comics, formerly Red Pill Comics, is a blog run by an anonymous author of Eurasian background known as "John Carlsbad" (formerly "Charles M. Schultz"), which publishes original comic strips of a red-pill nature. The comics are notable for their heavy use of cynicism, and for being replete with drawings of phalluses, as well as inaccurately-drawn vaginas.[1] Some of the comics show Carlsbad's angst regarding his Asian half. The blog was taken down in December 2015, but relaunched exactly one year later as Black Pill Comics.


The following comics have an alpha fux, beta bux theme: The Roadmap of Life, for Boys and Girls, Told You So!, I Believe In Angels Because I've Never Seen the Devil, Happy Wife, Happy Life, The Mother of My Kids, The Past is the Past, and Her. You..

The following comics are about manning up: Told You So!, Man Up.

The following comics are about unfaithfulness of women in long distance relationships: Let Freedom Ring The Doorbell Next Time, Land of Opportunity, and Clap The Other Ass Cheek.

The following comics are about the futility or stupidity of white knighting: A Warm Tingly Feeling, Cognitive Retardedness, You Have No Free Will, and Le, Look What I Did!.

The following comics are about the suicide of men who are rejected by women: Penis Envy, Man Up, and Oh, Felix

The following comics are about racism: Lip Service, Depends on How You Define "Matters" and Double Stand-tards.

The following comics are mock certain figures or forums in the manosphere: Lay Report (about RSD Tyler); Going Their Own Way (about MGTOWs); Red Pill, Red Tide (about Redditors); Motivation! (about white nationalists); and What they really mean by spinning plates (about Redditors).

The following comics are about how men build civilization but don't get sex: Ted., Simon, and Study Hard Boys!

The following comics are about alphas, bad boys, and/or Chad Thundercock: He'll Get What He Deserves, Radical Philosophy, The Females' Hasbara, Recombine Me, Baby!, 50 Shades of Obvious, Study Hard Boys!, Prospects, and Time Well Spent.

The following comics are about female depravity: Stranger Things and Sponsor Me, Baby.

The following comic is about single mothers: Recombine Me, Baby!.

The following comics are about suicide: The American Dream, Penis Envy, Man Up, and Oh, Felix.


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