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A blue-haired feminist—or sometimes green-haired feminist—is a negative adjective used to describe an unattractive female who believes in leftism or social justice. Because social justice is often seen as an anti-beauty cult,[1] labeling a female as "blue haired feminist" is extremely derogatory.


Karen Walsh writes:[2]

I choose to have pink, purple, blue, and teal hair because I have a strong sense of self and am committed to being honest with myself. I choose my hairstyle because I am confident that my work ethic will ultimately matter more than how I look when it comes to my work product. I choose my hairstyle because I want my son to know that I am willing to be true to myself even when others try to put me down for it. I choose my hair style because my relationships are based on who I am and not how I look.

My hair is not who I am, but it represents being true to who I am and how I view myself. If it is brave to flout societal norms in order to be myself, then so be it. I will wear my side-shaved, blue, purple, pink, and teal hair as a protest against the societal norms of female beauty.


Examples of SJWs displaying aposematist colorings.

It has been observed that radical and unnatural hair colors often correspond to diagnosed mental illness, a belief in social justice, and a history of destructive behavior in a woman's personal life.[3] Some observers have noticed the similarities to aposematism, nature's universal language of 'warning coloration' wherein venomous creatures seek attention to avoid predation.[4]

It is a good rule of thumb to assume that a woman with a radical hair coloration will be, to use the original saying, as "Mad (venomous) as an adder." This is doubly true when a blue dye job is combined with a short haircut, especially a Skrillex cut, a cut in which one side of the hair is left long while the other side is buzzed or shaved. The name comes from dubstep producer Sonny "Skrillex" Moore, who is known for having such a haircut, although Russian punk legend Egor Letov had a similar haircut in the late 1980s.

Seduction and Sex[edit]

Return of Kings writer Jon Anthony described a Tinder hookup in which standard dominance game was used to bed a green-haired feminist.[5]