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Brock Turner

Brock Allen Turner is a Stanford University swimmer who was sentenced to six months in prison for sexual assault, based on claims he used his fingers to sexually penetrate an unconscious woman, Emily Doe (Brock Turner sex partner). The probation officer's recommendation of less than one year in jail probably had a major influence on the judge's sentencing decision.[1] Like most alphas, Turner opted not to apologize.

Turner's father argued for probation instead of jail time: "His life will never be the one that he dreamed about and worked so hard to achieve. That is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life. He will never be his happy go lucky self with that easy going personality and welcoming smile."[2] The accuser's being permitted to read into the record a victim impact statement was criticized for adding an emotional bias to the proceedings.[3] Vice President Joe Biden wrote a response to the accuser's statement, saying it "should be required reading for men and women of all ages" and repeating the one-in-five rape statistic.[4] There was talk of setting up a special hour for members of Congress to read the statement.[5] California Rep. Jackie Speier, who represents the area around Palo Alto, where Stanford is located, introduced the letter by saying, "We are doing something tonight that’s never been done before on the House floor, we will read the entire gut-wrenching statement of a sexual assault survivor who was attacked on the Stanford campus last year".[6] Columnists have been vowing to read it to their sons.[7]

Turner himself became an advocate against college drinking and promiscuity.[8] Although some news outlets and blogs have casually labelled him a rapist, he was actually convicted of sexual assault.[9] Petula Dvorak criticized Turner's failure to put his penis inside the accuser, noting that "it was Turner's fingers, along with dirt and pine needles, that went inside his victim, not his sexual organ. Was that calculated on his part? Was he trying to avoid leaving his DNA in her body?"[10]

Defendant's testimony[edit]

A news article notes:[11]

PALO ALTO -- For the first time since the sensational case rocked Stanford last year, former student athlete Brock Turner took the witness stand Wednesday in his trial on charges of sexually assaulting a woman who passed out drunk at a party, and testified she had consented to him touching her sexually.

Turner, 20, told the jury that the then-22-year-old woman danced with and kissed him at the Kappa Alpha fraternity party on Jan. 18, 2015, and said "yes" when he asked if she would like to go back with him to his dorm.

As they walked outside holding hands, he said, she slipped and they fell, then started kissing on the ground near an outdoor trash bin. He testified that she said "yes" when he asked her if he could touch her genitals and that he did for a minute. He said he asked her if she liked it and that she replied "uh huh.

He said "we" started "dry humping" -- rubbing against each other with their clothes on -- but said he then felt sick from the seven beers and two sips of whiskey he'd drunk. He said he stumbled away thinking he would vomit when he noticed another man near him asking what he was doing.

That man was Peter Jonsson, one of two bicyclists who had noticed the pair and told police they intervened because the woman seemed unconscious.

Turner told the jury of four women and eight men that he didn't understand their concern. But when one of the men tried to put him in a headlock to subdue him, "that made me really scared."

"I decided to run," Turner said, but one of the men tackled him. "I started screaming for help."

Turner said he recalled the man asking, "Do you think this is OK?"

"I had no idea what he was talking about," Turner testified. "It just seemed like he hated me or something."

Turner said the woman was awake and conscious the whole time, and when his lawyer asked him if he intended to rape her, he replied: "Absolutely not."

Turner faces three felony charges: sexually penetrating an intoxicated person, sexually penetrating an unconscious person and assault with intent to commit rape. If he is convicted, he would face a maximum of 10 years in prison. The trial is set to resume Friday, with closing arguments expected Monday.

Prosecutor Alaleh Kianerci contends that the woman was extremely drunk -- and that Turner knew it. She was unconscious and partly disrobed when the two bicyclists rode by and saw Turner atop her thrusting his hips.

The woman did not wake for at least three hours and had a blood-alcohol level more than three times the legal limit. Turner acknowledged Wednesday that she was "very drunk" but testified she was "no more drunk than anybody else" at the party.

Facts of the case[edit]

As summed up by Brock Turner[edit]

In a 28 January 2015 email, Brock Turner writes:[12]

Here is a timeline of the events that took place during that night: I just thought I would let you know exactly what happened from my perspective.

1) I was outside Kappa Alpha Fraternity on the patio area with Tom Kremer
2) We are talking and see two girls, who we begin to talk to
3) While still outside, I find myself alone with the girl
4) I ask her if she wants to go back to my dorm, which she responds, "yes" to
5) We start walking towards my dorm, she is walking next to me on my right side
6) She trips slightly and starts laying on the ground
7) I kneel down next to her
8) With one arm, she pulls me into her
9) We begin kissing and getting hands-y, which leads to me touching her breasts while she has her hands on my back
10) I ask if I can finger her, to which she responds, "yeah" seductively
11) I begin to touch her vagina and proceed to take off her underwear and pull her dress up slightly, placing her underwear next to us
12) Laying on the left side of her, I begin to finger her with my right hand
13) While I am fingering her, her head is turned away fro mine and I am kissing her cheek. During this time, I am on top of her, lightly thrusting against her. Her position on the ground was face up, with her arms slightly bent by her head
14) I ask her if she's enjoying it, to which she responds "uh-huh" while she was moaning (she was moaning and grinding against me with her hips the entire time I was fingering her)
15) I begin to feel dizzy and sit up on the left of her, trying to re-orient myself
16) I stand up and immediately stumble on the slope, partially sliding down it
17) I begin to walk away, but then at least one guy approached me and held my arms behind my back
18) My first instinct was to run away because I thought they were going to hurt me, but I was quickly tackled by one of the guys and held on the ground by that guy until the cops came and handcuffed me.

The probation report reveals that according to Turner, the reason why he started walking away was that he felt nauseous and wanted to throw up.

As summed up by H1N1[edit]

H1N1 writes:[13]


2 students, both rat arsed.

Things get a little gropey.

Go outside in amorous embrace, kissing and getting extra gropey.

They fall over and continue this tryst for the ages on the floor.

Cassanova literally asks whether he can insert one or more of his digits 'midst her pudenda.


At some point after this girl passes out - perhaps not until after the bloke, so wasted himself, withdraws his digits and stumbles off to try to puke.

Passersby try to put this drunk 19 year old who is presumably still half chubbed into a headlock.

Not enjoying seemingly unprovoked headlocks from random members of the public (something I sympathise with), our protagonist tries to make a run for it.

The entire subsequent case hinges on the notion that there was digital penetration at some point after the chick passed out and before the bloke stumbles off to puke, that this vitiated consent, and that consequently he is an evil rapist whose entire life should be ruined.

Roosh V Forum comments[edit]

The Lizard of Oz wrote on 6 June 2016:[14]

In other words she's admitting she was by no means unconscious when he started "fingering" her which she herself said she "liked". This kid is now supposed to be a "rapist" because in his own drunkenness he could not figure out the exact moment when the equally drunk girl passed out? Really?

The idea that this is a "light sentence" is a tragically misplaced one. In reality, the guy's life is ruined forever. He will be registered as a sex offender for the remainder of his life. He is an eternal pariah and outcast. All because this slut decided that a few moments of drunkenness were enough to destroy a man's life for good.

A crime was committed here all right, but not by this drunk and confused teenage boy. The crime is that of a society full of psychotic princesses and their despicable white-knight enablers which treats its young men as worthless roadkill.

Lastly. This "victim statement" is one of the most dishonest documents of its kind I've ever read -- not just factually, but emotionally dishonest. It is a self-consciously literary text written in the hysterical tones of contemporary serious female fiction. It is full of the most shameless lies and prevarication at every turn. Its dishonesty is the exact reason that the Year Zero media has feasted on this statement and found it to be so uniquely "eloquent".

The whole story is just another in a long series of outrages that we are becoming increasingly numb to. But our numbness doesn't make it any less of a reality for the young man whose life was destroyed here.

This comment was critiqued by We Hunted the Mammoth for misquoting her.[15] He continues:[16]

The disgusting "victim statement" -- and it's nothing short of disgusting -- has instantly become a new sacred text, one that must be read in the hushed reverential tones reserved for things of the most unspeakable pathos and truth. There are thousands of cunts and white-knights canting at all times right now about how that "amazing" statement and the incredibly "light" sentence -- which in fact amounts to a LIFE SENTENCE because of sex offender registration -- is making them "physically sick".

There is serious evil afoot here. But it's not in the actions of one drunk confused kid -- the evil is in our society and the hysterical extremes it has reached in pandering to female lies. It's very important to understand this.

I response to a remark by Neo that "guys here are drinking too much of the manosphere kool aid" and that RVF users have an attitude of "every girl is a hypergamous slut who rides the carousel just bangs bad boys, and I can't even consider that it's possible that a real rape happened here. If something goes against my view it's a conspiracy!"[17] The Lizard of Oz continues:

There is no "manosphere kool aid" involved.

There is relentless and hysterical 24/7 propaganda about this case in the media right now -- it's at saturation levels. The Year Zero cadres have gone into a frenzy over it for the reasons I described.

There is no "conspiracy". It's just a case where the jury reached a bad decision based on believing typical female lies. This happens all the time and it's nothing new, unfortunately. What's new is the sacred status accorded to this slut's lying tale.

Take the time to read that hysterical, LITERARY and attention whoring victim statement full of the most obvious lies and understand what it means. It's not that hard to understand it if you put two and two together.

jasond wrote:[18]

I'm a recent alum of Stanford, so this case is particularly amusing to me. I think the 6-month sentence was too harsh.

Since when did fingering become rape?

As the post above indicates, this was clearly just a hypergamous slut wanting to cheat on her boyfriend with an "alpha male" star swimmer. Stanford is a fairly isolated campus. She was NOT a student...those girls only came to frat parties to fuck jocks and frat boys.

Then we have the 2 white knight male graduates students (likely virgins) who reported the incident. Grad students on this campus basically get no action, and are looked down upon by the undegrads as total nerds...these 2 guys were acting more from jealousy than a desire to help.

Finally, the victim's letter...classic attention whoring.

So many game lessons in these "20 minutes" of action.

GlobalMan wrote:[19]

Wow. If his account is indeed accurate and true, not only is this the furthest thing from rape there could ever be, but it is also quite scary that men have to now worry about roving pairs of violent white knights intruding on any public lustful escapades with a willing and enthusiastic lover because they've been trained to view all males with natural virility as a threat to public safety.

What you have is in fact actually a sweet and beautiful scene, two young drunk kids slipping and falling and going at it right where they fell. Not too long ago in history someone would have walked by these kids and smirked, passing by with a smile at the thought of young lust. Now such a scene is cause to use violence to restrain the male and send him off to the gulag for societal castration.

A disgusting and sad outcome if there ever was one.

Pressure to rescind support for Turner[edit]

There were calls to boycott musician Leslie Rasmussen after Rasmussen wrote to the judge:[20]

I don’t think it’s fair to base the fate of the next ten + years of his life on the decision of a girl who doesn’t remember anything but the amount she drank to press charges against him. I am not blaming her directly for this, because that isn’t right. But where do we draw the line and stop worrying about being politically correct every second of the day and see that rape on campuses isn’t always because people are rapists. It is because these universities market themselves as the biggest party schools in the country. They encourage drinking. I think it is disgusting and I am so sick of hearing that these young men are monsters when really, you are throwing barely 20-somethings into these camp-like university environments, supporting partying, and then your mind is blown when things get out of hand. This is completely different from a woman getting kidnapped and raped as she is walking to her car in a parking lot. That is a rapist. These are not rapists. These are idiot boys and girls having too much to drink and not being aware of their surroundings and having clouded judgement.

Rasmussen and Kelly Owens, a high school guidance counselor in Ohio, issued apologies for making statements in support of Turner.[21]

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