CNN doxing threat

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On 4 July 2017, CNN obtained the identity of the creator of an anti-CNN wrestling meme that had been retweeted by Donald Trump some days before. The meme was found to have been created by Reddit user HanAssholeSolo, with Andrew Kaczynski, the host of CNN's K-File program, writing an article claiming to have HanAssholeSolo's identity and that he apologised, also stating that if HAS recanted his apology, CNN would release his details.

This sparked mass outrage among the Alt-Right and Alt-Lite, with 8chan launching Operation Autism Storm, a coordinated meme-based attack on CNN. The chans also doxed many important people at CNN, including Wolf Blitzer and Don Lemon.

Kaczynski was also notable for getting Justine Sacco fired from her job for making a joke about AIDS before a flight to South Africa some years before.