Capitalistic eugenics

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Capitalistic eugenics, also known as capitalistic patriarchy or enslavement of women, is a system under which women are property that can be bought and sold. According to this theory, there would be an incentive to produce (and even, perhaps, clone) girls with superior genes because they could then be sold in the marketplace. Like many other neoreactionary ideas, it is a more serious, intellectualized, futuristic, and market-oriented version of an alt-right meme, in this case, White Sharia. It is also a more extreme version of the Return of Kings proposal for women to have a guardian or Senior Male Authority controlling their behavior and decisions.


The commons[edit]

The basic idea behind capitalistic eugenics is to avoid the problem that women tend to make a mess of their own lives and everyone else's when they're allowed to make their own decisions.

Capitalistic eugenicists theorize that, from an economic standpoint, women are basically part of the commons, like the holy cows that wander the streets of India. In other words, they are like stray animals that people aren't allowed to domesticate. If there were a law that said that no one could own a dog, then either there would be (1) a lack of dogs around us, or (2) all the dogs around us would be wild, and they would get into trouble.

According to the capitalistic eugenicists, this state of affairs mirrors our current situation in which we have (1) men who don't get any pussy, and (2) men who get pussy, but then have to deal with women metaphorically "shitting" all over them and their lives, because they're not properly domesticated.

Stray animals tend to be a nuisance when they live in close proximity to humans. The wild pigeons that people feed end up defecating on people's cars. The wild deer carry ticks into suburban neighborhoods. The wild dogs get into people's garbage.

The only way people are able to live in proximity to other creatures is when people either dissociate from them, tame them, or are able to deal with them as friends, or business associates, or whatever, trusting in the integrity of the other.

Since women cannot be trusted, they theoretically could be bound by contract and punished for any breach, which is what most libertarians propose. That does not work, though, because unlike men, women will make decisions that not only harm those around them, but aren't even in their own best interest, and then rationalize and dissociate as needed to convince themselves they are in the right. Even if women could think and act the way men do, this would not be desirable because it would take away from their femininity.

The sex ratio[edit]

Currently, there is about a 1:1 sex ratio. Capitalistic eugenics would make it possible to have a sex ratio more favorable to men, by breeding women for sale. Sex selection or culling might be employed in the production process to increase production of girls and avoid producing more boys than the market can absorb.

Possible variants[edit]

Nursery system[edit]

Some girls could be kept around for breeding purposes and inseminated at, say, 15, with their girls being adopted out at, say, age 2 after being weaned from breastfeeding. (Companies would have an incentive to ensure these girls are nurtured well, so that they would avoid having any psychological problems that would be detrimental to their value in the market, and harm the company's reputation if discovered later.)

They might then be raised by their adoptive family in preparation for arranged marriage to their biological son. Or heterosexual pedophiles could adopt them to fulfill their own sexual desires.

Dowry system[edit]

Another possibility is that girls could be raised till, say, 15 by their biological parents and then sold off, or given away by arranged marriage. The parallel in our existing society is that people will sometimes give away tomatoes from their garden or kittens from their cat to their friends, or sell them at a roadside stand.

3D printing[edit]

More advanced technology might involve 3D printing of girls using templates distributed online.