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Rap artist E-40 originally coined the term "Captain Save a Ho." In the manosphere, the term "Captain Save a Ho" has come to signify a beta male who is willing to invest significant resources and commitment into a woman who has a tumultuous sexual history. Typically this woman has hit the wall, is past her prime in the sexual market, and no longer generates interest from high status men. Options fleeting, she now chooses to settle with a "Captain Save a Ho" who will take care of her financially.

Captain Save a Ho is typically inexperienced when it comes to women, and believes he has found a more attractive women than he could secure otherwise. Captain Save a Ho will commit to former (or current) strippers, sex workers, carousel riders, divorcees, and single mothers, believing that she now finds his stability attractive, and that she has learned from her mistakes in the past. Often these relationships do not end well for Captain Save a Ho, because while she enjoys the stability, she also does not find him particularly physically satisfying.

Red Pill Relationship Proverb #89 says, "Don’t be Captain Save-a-hoe".[1]

Captain Save a Hoe activities include "Putting off their responsibilities to help a hoe"; "Going in debt spending money on hoes"; and "Risking their health to protect a hoe". HipWiki notes, "Captain Save A Hoe often waste time on these hoes in an attempt at love, even though the whole block done run through her. Captain Save A Hoe often end up in the friendzone, if they do a good enough job."[2]


[Chorus: E-40 and 'Hoes'] Ah is a, Ah is a, Should I save her? I want to be saved!!!!

[B-Legit] It's 1993 and niggas need to miss me be savin' these hoes You know how these tricks we be buyin' 'em clothes Wanna taxi hoes on vogues with the beat And have 'em sittin' next to 'em in the front seat But not B see I'm a hog up out the V And my motto is fuck a hoe and hit the throttle To the smoke talkin' on my Okie doe World wide I got a clydes up in Tokoyo

[E-40] Look up in the sky it's a bird it's a plane What's that niggas name? Captain save a hoe main More faster than a speeding bullet To put on his cape and scared I put the fake the fake the funk the funk To me that's not the way to do it Captain muthafuckin' Save a Hoe game to me Flexin just like a little ol' bitch All up in front of my company Had to check his ass with an ear check dump and pumpin' Talkin' to him while I'm beatin' his ass Pumpin' fear talkin' bout nigga you gone retrospect somethin here


[D-Shot] Mr. super trick Mr. super snitch Yeah, you wanna kill me cuz I fucked ya bitch You should had your cape on tight that night Cuz a nigga like the Shot sho plugs 'em right And now yo batch is straight callin me lovin me On the under for the porno star that I be And don't you come in my face with that trick shit Ya betta try some more shit

[E-40] I got the gift to grab any batch That I want but I don't Cuz batches now a days will get you caught up in some funk Oh no, I'm not tryin' to save you hoes 'n How come when I was broke you wasn't brown nosin'? The other day you see me smobbin' down magazine With some ol' nigga in your car lookin' at me mean I stopped in the middle of the street Reached under seat to grab my heat Man that's the same motherfucker that I got into it with at the club last week

[B-Legit] Man them niggas can't fade They bith made And so they start But niggas with no heart Don't want no part to this Nigga rollin' with the Funk Mobb And when it's funk The pump will spit them double laws So what you doin' when we roll through you hideout I let my mack get off and then I rides out With your ass there smokin' like an incent You savin hoes nigga and that's bitch shit


[Suga-T] I'm crossin' up niggas and bitches And even snitches just for my riches Captain Save A Hoe I ain't got no problem with that ol shit I gives a damn as long as he's payin' It ain't my fault because he's sprung off my land I'm cashin' GA checks, go to the bank Hank If your breath stank, you get ganked main Long as a trick comes fallin' down That gets me all upset to put on my suit and clown

[E-40] But make that nigga take care your kids Make that nigga call your kids his Make that nigga get out there and work Make his ass buy you a Brinun Burk It's all part of that nigga take care of me Pussy whipped nigga come save me Batches out there be on the look out For Captain save a hoe Cuz he's savin hoes


[Captain Save a Hoe] Fuck that what they talkin about I save a hoe yeah Ha ha Yeah baby, what's up you wanna get your hair done Come on let's go down to Lee and Kim Nail's We can get your nails done, get your hair done What about your kids? How many kids you got? Two? Ah, yeah that's cool we can go feed and cloth them kids We can go down and get the hook up at Durant Square Yeah baby I do anything for ya Want you phone cranked on, I can get it cranked on to my name Matter of fact I get you a cellular phone and a pager We can get that package deal down there at Cellular One Baby I'm here for you I got you