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Cavemanning or going caveman involves, "You grab a girl in the club, pull her close to you, and have a very basic conversation for one minute (if that) before you try to kiss her. Ignore her inevitable resistance by holding her body and head in place. Even if she keeps her lips completely closed while you kiss, try to open them with your tongue."[1]

Going caveman usually involves minimal verbal escalation and more kino and direct physical escalation. It is a great way to get rid of approach anxiety and can also assist some shy rAFCs in re-calibrating and understanding limits in physical escalation. Some examples of cavemanning include a man's grabbing a girl by the waist and pulling her towards him, or, in the bedroom, picking up a girl and throwing her onto the bed. Done properly, cavemanning is very dominant and attractive.

The Dominance Experiment is a way of dominating a woman without saying a single word.[2]


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