Childish nature of women

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The childish nature of women is women's tendency toward reckless, impulsive decisions. Illimitable Men notes, "The difference between girls and women is not so great as the difference between boys and men."[1] Charles Sledge writes, "Even at their best women are really nothing more than large children. That is why society has put so many restraints on them as children left to their own devices will cause destruction and chaos."[2] There is a saying, "The woman is the oldest teenager in the household".[3]

Use in manipulation[edit]

The Manipulated Man notes:

Woman's greatest ideal is a life without work or responsibility - yet who leads such a life but a child? A child with appealing eyes, a funny little body with dimples and sweet layers of baby fat and clear, taut skin - that darling miniature of an adult. It is a child that woman imitates - its easy laugh, its helplessness, its need for protection. A child must be cared for; it cannot look after itself And what species does not, by natural instinct, look after its offspring? It must - or the species will die out.

With the aid of skilfully applied cosmetics, designed to preserve that precious baby look; with the aid of helpless, appealing babble and exclamations such as `Ooh' and Ah' to denote astonishment, surprise, and admiration; with inane little bursts of conversation, women have preserved this `baby look' for as long as possible so as to make the world continue to believe in the darling, sweet little girl she once was, and she relies on the protective instinct in man to make him take care of her.

Implications for caring for children[edit]

Arthur Schopenhauer writes:[4]

Women are directly fitted for acting as the nurses and teachers of our early childhood by the fact that they are themselves childish, frivolous and short-sighted; in a word, they are big children all their life long—a kind of intermediate stage between the child and the full-grown man, who is man in the strict sense of the word. See how a girl will fondle a child for days together, dance with it and sing to it; and then think what a man, with the best will in the world, could do if he were put in her place.


…women remain children their whole life long; never seeing anything but what is quite close to them, cleaving to the present moment, taking appearance for reality, and preferring trifles to matters of the first importance.

Childlike inability to regulate internal state[edit]

GayLubeOil notes:[5]

One of the things that children suck at, is regulating their internal state. They're too little to know if their hungry, sleepy or if they need to go for a walk. When a child throws a tantrum its often not about the toy, there is often some underlying issue you need to take care of.

As stupid as its sounds you can completely avoid a lot of arguments by ignoring everything she says and going for the underlying problem. I cant believe you never told me that you X! Aww is she hungry. She gets this way when shes hungry. Then just feed her some Greek yogurt or something, and the problem will go away. Or just take her for a walk around the block, because shes just anxious from being at work the entire day.


dr_warlock notes:[6]

Generally, femininity in its fullest form (care free, child-like spirit) can only exist in a state of luxury, as a compliment to an already present masculine presence (lack of responsibility, not leading, not working too hard, no extreme stress, etc). Otherwise, she must adopt masculine traits to take on life. When women are placed in leadership roles, they have to supress much of their nature to do it (ie speaking directly as opposed to covertly and having a dominant presence). Both men and women in general prefer to follow than to take on the responsibility of a leader, but women also like to give up control on a sexual level.

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