Deleted Scenes: True Sharing

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Deleted Scenes: True Sharing is a Lisa Ling video about a family with a plural marriage. Lisa Ling says, "Adding a second wife to the family has taken some of the burden off Marleen and freed her up to study and earn a second income." Becca said, "We've decided that it's best that we have me to be the home mom, which is fine, while they go to work and make the income and pay the bills. Then I would be here taking care of the kids and basically clean the house." Marleen said, "Having Becca here is actually a huge help and a huge benefit to me. I can leave in the morning and I can know that my kids are safe and loved by a mother. And, you know, there's no outside influences, no anything like that. You know, I don't have a babysitter issue, you know? And so I can go out and feel comfortable having a career."


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