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Divorce is the legal termination of a marriage. Divorce is currently very common in the United States, with women initiating the large majority of divorces.[1] Divorce tends to have negative psychological effects on children involved in the marriage,[2][3] and is considered a sin in some religions.[4]

Sepean advises men who are considering divorce:[5]

Most people can be shitty friends or shitty workers when they don't care, but look at how they do when their heart is in it. If your wife is and always was a lazy, fat slob that never got along with anyone and couldn't hold a job, you have no chance of turning her into a good wife. Such people just don't have it in them to work up the effort to fight for even their important relationships. But if she is popular among her friends, she can become good company. If she works hard at her job or to take care of the kids, she can work hard for you.

So look at her when she's at her best. Even if you alpha up to the max, you're not going to get better than that. Some women just don't have the energy, self discipline, or agreeableness it takes to become enjoyable company.

Male unemployment as grounds for divorce[edit]

The RVF thread "Women expect men to have good paying jobs.If men become unemployed:Divorce is natural" notes that when a beta husband loses his job, there is a loss of social proof, which causes a loss of attraction, and therefore causes divorce.[6] Ang Aamer notes, "Here’s a bit of advice for all you guys who are married with wives working. DON’T EVER have an extended unemployment event. You WILL be divorced it will happen, 10 for 10 in my office alone. At about the 3 month mark it gets pretty obvious the wife is getting anxious. At 6 months the 'serious' conversations the wife is having with unemployed hubby are grist for office gossip. And within 9 months papers have been served. And it does not matter how many dishes you did or meals you cooked.."[7]

However, Mage notes that this general rule does not apply, if the man is abusive and controlling: "Not if the man is an abusive alcoholic with dreams of a never starting writer's career. In this case the woman will pay his bills, wash his underwear and suck his dick for at least 5 years while he plays computer games and cheats on her while she is at work."[8]


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