Essay:Defeatism is treason

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February 23, 2016

Few things disgust me more than defeatism. It is the combination of cowardice, laziness and egotism, where the impotent think that their worthless self deprecating thoughts have any value to them.

Throughout all recorded human history and applied universally without exception, defeatism during times of war was a crime punishable by incarceration at the very least. While those who claim to be vanguards for liberty and free speech may decry this, their outrage has no foundation. When the nation is under threat every muscle fiber is strained and reserve of energy expended to claim victory and avoid defeat.

Some will feign moralism “oh it is moral because the war is wrong and it will save lives!” Preaching defeat saves nothing. The men will die all the same simply abandoned by their people, left alone in the fields of battle with their last thoughts of futility and betrayal.

The wounds will last long after the war. Unlike the temporary pain of a honorable defeat, the spiritual energy of the nation will be sapped greatly by such a moral collapse. Only with Faith in itself can a nation rebuild – never without it. The Triumph of the Will makes anything possible for a people with faith in itself and it’s leader!

The most despicable thing about such an attitude is that it comes exclusively from people with our views. They see the hell around them, acknowledge it is hell and then proceed to give up without a fight! They will decry the damage done as irreparable and irreversible. They will bemoan the crimes against us and then proceed to remain silent! “Oh Germany is doomed, Europe is doomed… It’s all over!” they’ll say in a youtube comment section.

They will cry that “no one is doing anything!” and then proceed to do nothing themselves. A useless, hypocritical nihilism more scornful than the traitors because at least the traitors “think” that they are correct and fight to that end.

We do not call for weak sympathizers, we call for fighters, those who die if final victory demands it! Those who will give their wealth, labor, food , clothes, blood and very lives to our brothers and sisters in need. Those willing to risk imprisonment and possible death in service of the cause.

The excuses will flow. “I have a job I don’t want to lose , I have a family that relies on me, it’s just not convenient for me right now to express my views.” None of these are adequate because if you do not act in order to make your family’s life comfortable now you will doom your children and grandchildren to hell. Every day you hold back from the fight is one more day your descendants will have to fight 10 fold as hard for your cowardice.

If that is what you truly feel and you believe it’s the truth, if you love your people, then you will keep your nihilist mouth shut and not spread your fatal virus to anyone else! We must be willing to go to Hell to ensure our children live in Heaven!

It is said that if everyone with our sympathies rose up today it’d be enough to overthrow the rotten international clique that rules over us. This is true. But it is also no reason to despair that it hasn’t happened yet. The faithful of our cause will commit to action, not just words, in order to enlighten and uplift our people and liberate them from their chains. For we have seen the light outside the modern day Plato’s cave – the cafe – and we will not return no matter the ridicule and violence.

No one man can do everything. But everyone can do something to help the cause, whether it’s speaking out, activism, charity or confrontation.

Mass movements with a cause never just spring up from under the ground, they are molded and directed by an elite or a singular being, who embody the spiritual consciousness of the masses and have the personal courage to give all of themselves to it’s victory. But none of those beings would have been able to accomplish anything if the masses did not volunteer their labor and will to the great causes of history.

Article by Aquila