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Fat acceptance is a movement to accept obesity in society, rather than promote healthy lifestyles and exercise. Purveyors of fat acceptance claim that the obese experience discrimination in healthcare, employment, education, interpersonal relationships, and in media.[1]. Certain feminist bloggers recognize that people who are not obese are treated better in society. [2].

Critics of the fat acceptance movement point out that the health risks of obesity are well documented. [3][4]. Biological studies tend to agree that traditional beauty can be reliably measured across different cultures in two principal ways: body measurement and facial symmetry.[5] This means men naturally prefer to reproduce with more slender women.

In contrast to fat acceptance, neomasculinity encourages the virtues of temperance, physical exercise, and healthy lifestyles.[6]. In June of 2013, in response to promotion of obesity, RooshV created "fat shaming week". Roosh wrote that "These [obesity acceptance efforts] are succeeding, because there are many fat women who are actually proud of their fat, with no immediate plan to lose the weight. Except for a handful of deviant websites like 4chan and Misc, no one is pushing back against fat acceptance."[7].

One major proponent of fat acceptance is Lindy West.

MGTOW also veers into the fat acceptance movement, blaming women for judging obese men by their looks instead of their other "redeeming qualities".

Of note is that proponents of fat acceptance only seem to focus on women.