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Integrity is honesty and following through with one's commitments. Bonecrker notes, "Men and women have very different definitions of integrity. Men have integrity to their word, but because of the heightened sensitivity as explained above, women have integrity to their feelings. Women base their actions on how they feel at the time. This means that if something no longer 'feels' right, they won't do it, period."[1] Illimitable Men's Principles of Game notes, "Don’t think that if you’re honest and they agree to it, that they’ll agree it to later, there’s no binding legal agreement. Women have integrity amnesia, whatever you decide the relationship will be in the beginning doesn’t mean a damn thing. What she wants in a relationship changes based upon her emotions because her reality stems from her emotional state (See #16.) Whatever they agree to in the beginning doesn’t mean shit later on, they haven’t signed a legal contract, you have to police that, you have to hold firm with the rules, you show you’re a real man by sticking to your guns."[2]

Jimi2x writes, "Taking an eel by the tail or a woman by her word, one soon finds they hold nothing."[3]

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