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A Latina is a Latin American girl. Steve H writes:[1]

Latinas in general like older men. They actually see the age difference in positive terms. I typically date 20-30 years younger than my age in Colombia. Most Colombian young men have no money and are pretty irresponsible. The ladies are used to their chico boyfriends knocking them up and then disappearing. American men are seen as a lot more dependable, have money and are good to them. I have asked many of them why they would go out with an older guy. The best answer I got was "What can I learn from some guy my own age?"

Dont worry about the age difference. Just enjoy that fresh young pussy.

Here is a good article with a similar point of view:

DonnyGately writes:

Agreed, Latinas love older men. 20+ y ears older, doesn't matter. My graying temples were specifically cited more a few times. Aim for 21, not 27.

Ivan Menchavez writes, "Most men who have dated a Latina once in their life will tell you that they are feisty yet sweet and thoughtful. Not to mention, they are among the most beautiful women in the world." Also:[2]

On your Valentine's Day dinner, never speak in Spanish to her, especially if you know you suck at it. It will only annoy her and you may end up in the friend zone. The best thing you can do is to be yourself and remember that Latinas like their men gentle.

Don't be surprised if she dresses like Cinderella on Valentine's Day because she will wear the same kind of outfit doing groceries.

Latina women take pride of their culture. Their parents taught them many wonderful things growing up and one of them is cooking. They love to cook for their man; so, there is no need for a late night Chinese noodles take-out because the table will be full with tacos and quesadillas.

They love to dance and there is no other sight that is hotter than seeing a Latina woman giving it all on the dance floor. Think of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira with their provocative movements. Nothing will ever top that.

Latin girls are also passionate in bed. You may find yourself thinking you are in a movie trying to shoot a sex scene with a hot Latina actress. According to Return of Kings, making love to a Latina will change a man's life. It is nothing like your non-Latina girlfriends who would try to act like porn stars when you guys are having sex. And you would know if you have satisfied a Latina girl when she starts calling you papi.

Lastly, let her be a Latina. Don't attempt to change her ways because being Latina is very important to her being. If a guy shows his loyalty to a Latina woman, she will stand by his side for life.


Donovan Sharpe writes that seven advantages of Latinas are that they consistently embrace their femininity, they completely submit to boldness and dominance, they will cook for you, the way they dance and move, they are very passionate in bed, they are fiercely loyal, and they will quickly tighten your game.[3] Harry Lime writes that they have a healthy 'daddy complex'.[4]

Gaming Latinas[edit] writes:[5]

It almost pains me to say it but, being a gentleman and giving the girls cheesy compliments earns you major bonus points in Latin America. My ‘red-pill’ instincts are to be aloof and bust their balls but over the years I’ve repeatedly seen US-style game backfire in Latin America.

While provider game and gushing compliments would get you chewed up and spit out in the US, it will work perfectly on Latinas.

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