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The masculine Magician archetype is the expression of embracing one's intelligence for ethical and pro-social purposes. The masculine Magician is a master of technology as well as of psychology. He draws upon his ability to manipulate appearances, to provide stories and narratives to explain events, and to shape the hearts and minds of others. When he divorces his talents from ethics, he becomes a Manipulator. When he denies all understanding of himself, others, and the world around him, he becomes a Denying 'Innocent' One. (Full article...)

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An ample padonk

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"Any of you who know my game know that I'm always preaching the 'logistics sermon.' My credo is that an ounce of logistics is worth a pound of pussy. Even if your game is dog-shit, solid logistics will still get you laid here and there. Logistics is among the most under-developed parts game, in my opinion." — Tuthmosis (22 December 2011). "Tuthmosis's Homemade First-Date Bangs". Roosh V Forum. 

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