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Blowfish face

Selfies are, combined with their necessary instrument, the ubiquitous smartphone, the bloodline of modern-day females. These self-taken pictures serve as constant flattering of their ego, whether or not these females are actually beautiful and worth taking pics.

Asian girls' selfies are enhanced by a quite cute "mouth gesture" or pouting, called blow-fish face.

Selfies are not an inconvenience per se for males, except that they can become an obsession for many females, taking up a lot of their time, and leading them to think of themselves as some kind of stars. Selfies are also part of the "hunt for likes" on social media, the number-one favorite leisure activity for "modern" teens and women. (Full article...)

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An ample padonk
An ample padonk

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"There are a lot of guys out there offering up monogamy. They will wife that girl up. Young beautiful women treat the present day value of marriage and monogamy for what it's worth- they reject it for the carousel until their value significantly lowers down to the level where they find monogamy/marriage a good deal.

"However, with an alpha that they perceive as high value, this same young beautiful woman will want him all to herself, but she will put up with less just in order to be with him. The offered monogamy of a beta isn't worth enough." — eljeffster (31 July 2016). "RE: Monogamy Vs Polygamy". 

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