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The Masochist archetype in masculine Jungian psychology is the passive shadow of the Warrior. The man who denies the Warrior in himself associates the Warrior energy with someone else, a Sadist sets himself up as the Masochist. Unfortunately, the immature Masochist will eventually snap, venting his repressed Sadist until his rage is spent and he reverts. (Full article...)

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An ample padonk
An ample padonk

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Dan Kleve

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"You would be surprised just how many women are 'educated' and yet lack an intellectual bone or original thought in their entire body. They are expert learners, clearly focused, disciplined and 'smart' in so much they can grasp ideas and processes, but they manage to achieve all this without any semblance of intellectual curiosity or original thought; a fascinating phenomenon. I liken it to the transmission of knowledge into a non-aware robot, intelligent, synoptic, but by its very nature devoid of self-awareness. It expertly follows instructions, repeats what it is taught and emulates what it is shown. But if you stop giving it knowledge, it stops looking for knowledge; it never becomes anything more than it is. It never learns to think for itself and do so with any degree of accuracy or credibility." — Illimitable Men (27 September 2015). "Educated Women & Vapidity". 
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