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Masculinity is manliness.


SmellyJelly22 writes:[1]

There is one thing that can conquer the weak emotions: masculinity. What is masculinity? It is difficult to describe any human emotion in words, but I will attempt to define masculinity as an emotion (or a series of emotions) that make a person feel powerful, confident, competitive, aggressive, focused, etc… In other words, masculinity is an energy that makes one feel they can overcome any obstacle life throws at them. It is probably the result of various chemicals in your body. The precise definition of masculinity is beyond the scope of this article, but you know it when you see it. The only thing that can conquer an emotion is a stronger emotion, and masculinity is stronger than the weak emotions so it can conquer and silence them. A person who can focus his masculinity with his logical brain can plow through the weak emotions, focus on his goals, feel powerful and dominant, and become successful. Masculinity clears all the emotional debris and useless thoughts floating in a person’s head and focuses them.

Just as both men and women feel the weak emotions, both men and women are capable of masculinity. Women who have no men in their life oftentimes are often forced to become masculine. Women also naturally become more masculine as they age, perhaps because of their body produces more testosterone. Both men and women enjoy feeling masculine because it kills the weak emotions.

Women's desire for masculinity[edit]

Charles Sledge writes:

Women want masculine men, they are desperate for them. Just like men are increasing becoming more desperate for feminine looking and acting women. When a woman is with a masculine man she feels protected, she has respect for him, and perhaps most important of all (from her point of view at least) she gets horny for him. She wants to know that she is with a masculine man.

The feminine is naturally submissive and the masculine is naturally dominant. The two function best when the man is dominant and the woman is submissive. Women want you to assert your masculinity over them. To claim them and take them. This makes them feel good and horny. They will have no respect (and therefore no attraction) for a man who lets a woman put him in the submissive role. A man who has no masculinity and who defers to her. It turns them off like nothing else.

He continues:[2]

Women want to be feminine but in order to be feminine they needed masculinity. When a woman is around a masculine man who doesn’t put up with her shit she knows that she can be fully feminine safely. She knows she can fully embrace her feminine nature because she has the masculine to guide it to prevent it from becoming reckless (as it has a tendency to do). However if the man isn’t strong and does whatever she wants she cannot embrace her femininity because the male is not guiding and leading her. And won’t stop her when she has a reckless idea.

The masculine works as a check on the recklessness of the feminine. A woman left to her own devices will often destroy herself as well as those around her. However when a man keeps a check on her choices she knows that she is safe to be herself, to be feminine and submit to the man as all women wish to do. The caveat is it must be a dominant, masculine man to insure that she can safely submit.