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Misogyny is hatred of women. "Cheerful misogyny" is when one loves women but doesn't take them seriously.[1]


Roosh notes, in Roosh Q&A: Gamergate, Culture War, SJW's and Misogyny:[2]

RickyGP asks, "What do you actually define as misogyny?" All right, well I can tell you what misogyny means now. Misogyny today means any critique, factual or not, against a woman. Any, any criticism, any comment that's not positive can now be labelled as misogyny. It's bullshit. I mean, you can't even tell a girl that her hair doesn't look good when it's short without being called a misogynist, whose definition is someone who hates the female species. Hates them. How is trying to make a woman the better version of herself hate? It just doesn't make any sense. It's just a label that they use to shut all speech down.

So, for me, a misogynist is someone who is disgusted by the presence of a woman, who doesn't value her in any way. Me, yeah, I may not value a woman for her intellectual ability to discuss history and philosophy, but I do value their feminine nurturing side. And this is what I see, and this is what I try to promote in the writing I do, which for some reason or another has been called the most hateful, most misogynist writing on the Internet.

Rollo notes, "What ever aspect of maleness that serves the feminine purpose is a man’s masculine responsibility, yet any aspect that disagrees with feminine primacy is labeled Patriarchy and Misogyny."[3]

Sir_Distic notes, "Misogynist means someone who hates women. Believing you're above/better than a woman is not the same as hating them."[4]

redpillbanana notes:[5]

Well, for one, I consider the word "misogynistic" almost meaningless at this point - it basically means, "I don't agree with you," or "I'm offended." These days I don't care at all whether something is misogynistic/offensive or not - I just care whether it is right or wrong.

I'll give an example: during a discussion about whether divorce laws were unfair towards men, one person said, "I think talking about whether divorce laws favor women is misogynistic."

She thought that talking about an issue was misogyny.

If this sort of misuse just happened once, or even occasionally, it would have been fine, but it happens all the time in my experience. The word, which once had a useful definition, has now been reduced to the meaning of "ugh!" or "wow...just wow".

Women's desire for types of behavior that are often labeled misogynistic[edit]

deleted writes:[6]

This right here is at the heart of why TRP is not misogynistic at all. I've had countless examples in my own life on the beta and alpha points of the spectrum, just like the reformed husband in this. Of the two ways to act, the "nice guy"/feminist way vs. the TRP/"misogynistic"/"abusive" way....which one actually makes women HAPPIER? I can tell you which one got me dumped over and over by women who HATED that they had to dump me because I was good on paper, because I was such a "great boyfriend" that they somehow fell out of love with. I can also tell you which method got me passion, got her endless orgasms, and got both of us feeling fulfilled and satisfied outside of the bedroom as much as in it.

It has nothing to do with disrespecting them as human beings, or their rights, or their opportunities. We dominate our women because THEY WANT TO BE DOMINATED. THEY WANT TO SURRENDER INTO OUR BADASSERY OVER AND OVER. THEY WANT US TO BE THE SHIT.

likechoklit4choklit notes:[7]

I think there are plenty of alphas macking in the feminism parts of the world without being misogynistic and only being abusive in certain categories of bedroom behavior.

Sweet perfect boyfriends are less HONEST with what they want and they don't have the balls to risk getting what they want. A man who acts assertively may be an ass, but you don't have to guess what to do next: there isn't any false advertising involved.

Even a timid honest approach produces better results than the beat around the bush bullshit that insecure young men think is the way to be.

Style of misogyny[edit]

Mike Jones advises, "Always be happy and teasing when showing misogyny. Be a loving man and treat your women well. Never be hateful. Express your sexism with a light heart and a twinkle in your eye. Although they will never admit it, women love a happy misogynist. With enough practice, misogyny will become a part of your personality and help your sex life."[8]

Use of the term by feminists[edit]

ArrantPariah writes, "When you're a Feminist, all you need is a can of buzzwords--no need for anything resembling logic."[9] Icaria25 notes, "My takeaway is that TRP is sexist as in 'differentiate between male and female' and apply double standards. Much like feminism in sexist in a way more subtly way by not even acknowledging their double standards; part of that deception is 'misogyny'. You are not misogynistic for having standards or holding your frame (control of your life and of your self-perception). The only way hate works is when you subtly or physically try to take away control from people's life. In reassuring your own control of your own life in the sexual field, you simply recognize the polarity and act accordingly. In the long run when this is factored in (sexual polarity) you get a much higher return of investment and so does the other part. Misogyny is a shit test to see if you have any guilt inside you for being a man rather than a bitch."[10]

Solipsism-based accusations of misogyny[edit]

MattyAnon writes, "We don't hate women, but we accept them as they are rather than as they would have us believe they are. Women feel men not doing what they want as hating them. It's just another convenient part of solipsism and the warfare against us."[11]