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Prussian Victorian-era bodybuilder Eugen Sandow.
Prussian Victorian-era bodybuilder Eugen Sandow.

The Latin aphorism Mens sana in corpore sano—"a sound mind in a sound body"—reflects the understanding of the ancients that a state of total well-being is more than mental or spiritual excellence. Without a sound body, it is impossible to embody masculine virtues such as strength or courage, and it is difficult to experience and maintain states of pleasure with the greatest possible intensities. A well-formed body also attracts women, who will sometimes open you if you are fit. This is not generally enough in itself to close the deal, but will open up more options for the man.

The body can be trained for many functions. To maximize its functional performance is the path of the athlete; to ensure its functional continuity under the worst of circumstances is the path of the soldier; to ensure its ongoing health and longevity is the path of the immortalist; and to improve its appearance is the path of the bodybuilder. The bodybuilder can choose to optimize his body for the purpose of attracting women, or for intimidating men. Arguments about which path is best are less important than the fact that a path has been chosen and diligently followed.

Thus the body plays a significant part not only in the role of Warrior, but the Lover. A well-rounded Neomasculine curriculum of self-improvement, therefore, must include the continuous improvement of one's body. The prominence of weightlifting for this purpose has resulted in the elevation of the question Do you even lift? as a litmus test for the manosphere.

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