Primacy of white male opinion

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The primacy of white male opinion (POWMO) is the fact that white men's opinions are what determine the development and direction of global culture and politics. Even if women and non-whites are given the right to vote, white men retain the power to take back control at any time, or to demand obedience from the women and non-whites who depend on them. Women and non-whites get their opinions from white men, so therefore not only do only white men's opinions matter, but only white men's opinions exist.

Part of POWMO is the red pill idea that men fight over women, not against them.

POWMO, like AWALT, acknowledges that outliers exist. It is just a useful generalization and heuristic.


It is similar to if animals were given full rights of self-determination and turned loose. Humans would still end up back in control because they could offer food, or kill the disobedient ones, or do whatever else is necessary to bring them under their direction. Ultimately, animals will prefer to be tamed and enjoy the benefits of living under humans' rule rather than run loose, and humans will breed those animals and cull the disobedient ones to ensure selection for the characteristics they want. Animals lack the intelligence to defeat humans unless humans deliberately choose to wander among them defenseless and expose themselves to brutality.

Any experiments with letting animals run free, while still being given food, amount to creating a wildlife refuge (or, as we call it when it's in an urban area, a "ghetto") and nothing more. These can be liquidated at any time by white men with guns.

Experiments with hippie communes reveal that in a state of nature, women turn to men for protection, provision, and leadership, while blacks return to living in mud huts. In modern civilization, blacks only come anywhere close to competing with men in the marketplace if given generous subsidies and a war on drugs to create vast opportunities for obtaining money and sex through the black market, while women require men to featherbed the workplace with jobs involving unnecessary paperwork, while simultaneously putting in place legal and cultural barriers to their settling down with an older man and having kids rather than going to college.


Creating a gender- and racially- "diverse group" of followers is mostly pointless, as is fretting about the difficulty of getting women and nonwhites to agree to give away their own sovereignty. They already don't have sovereignty, except in name.


People might argue, "Just because white men can rule doesn't mean they should." But the same characteristics that give white men the ability to take charge also make them better rulers than anyone else. Their ability to keep their word, to think abstractly, etc. are what enable them to build a civilization that can dominate others. The civilization they build can take care of women and non-whites better than women and non-whites could take care of themselves.

That civilization can only exist if whites are in charge of it, though; it decays and collapses if they are not. Similarly, a family without a patriarch tends to collapse or at the very least to be unhappy.


The red pill idea of POMO (Primacy of Male Opinion) is often a gateway to the white supremacist or white nationalist idea of POWMO.


After all, it is above all white men that make up the ruling elite and that have foisted the current mess upon us. True enough, the various protected “minorities” mentioned before take full advantage of the legal privileges they have been accorded and they have become increasingly emboldened to ask for ever more “protection,” but none of them and all of them together did not and do not possess the intellectual prowess that would have made this outcome possible, if it were not for the instrumental help that they received and are receiving from white men.
— Hans-Hermann Hoppe, "Libertarianism, the Alt-Right and AntiFa