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1 April
Branch swinging

Branch swinging or vine swinging is when women let go of a relationship with one man after getting a firm grip on the next. Attractive women are rarely single, and tend to go directly from one man to the next because they have new guys lined up already. While they're with any given guy, they may be constantly watching for better options. Once the upgrade has been secured, the current man is disposable. Given many women's openness to branch swing, they may use the boyfriend objection (or husband objection) more as a shit test than as a way of definitively shutting down any prospect of a guy's getting her to leave her current guy for him. (Full article...)

2 April

The Republican Party presidential primaries, 2016 will result in the nomination of a candidate for President of the United States. Several candidates, including Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, have dropped out. The remaining candidates at this time are Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich. Of those, Trump is the only one who has secured more than half of the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination. The 2016 Republican National Convention will be held in Cleveland, Ohio at the Quicken Loans Arena 18-21 July 2016. Roosh is planning to hold meetups in Cleveland at that time. Matt Forney has been closely following the race, attending and covering several candidates' campaign events. (Full article...)

3 April

A housewife is a full-time homemaker and stay-at-home mom (if she and her husband have kids). Tuthmosis writes, "Should women have careers? Sure, but not at the expense of their important roles as mothers, keepers of the home, and counterweights to a truly masculine ideal. I, for all of the shit that I've said here and elsewhere, think that women should have every right to self-improvement (including their "higher faculties"), but they bear the responsibility to not abandon their feminine imperatives. We, as men, bear a set of responsibilities too. Sadly, these bearded, vegan, weak betas that we call men today are in as much dereliction of that duty as the women of today." (Full article...)

4 April

Filipinas, Philippines women, are arguably some of the best wives, mothers, and lovers in the world. Henry Makow, Matt Forney, and many other anti-feminist authors have sung their praises. Filipinas' willingness to have no strings attached sex with visiting American men in hopes of having a half-white baby is legendary. Filipinas are very open to dating and marrying older men, they tend to be conservative in terms of sexual values, they value family and motherhood, and they are proficient in English. Although cultural changes are afoot as Filipinas develop a fascination with smartphones and enjoy waistline-expanding American fast food, the Philippines is not yet a poosy paradise lost. (Full article...)

5 April
Captain Save A Ho

Rap artist E-40 originally coined the term "Captain Save A Ho." In the manosphere, the term "Captain Save a Ho" has come to signify a beta male who is willing to invest significant resources and commitment into a woman who has a tumultuous sexual history. Typically this woman has hit the wall, is past her prime in the sexual market, and no longer generates interest from high status men. Options fleeting, she now chooses to settle with a "Captain Save a Ho" who will take care of her financially.

Captain Save a Ho is typically inexperienced when it comes to women, and believes he has found a more attractive women than he could secure otherwise. Captain Save a Ho will commit to former (or current) strippers, sex workers, carousel riders, divorcees, and single mothers, believing that she now finds his stability attractive, and that she has learned from her mistakes in the past. Often these relationships do not end well for Captain Save a Ho, because while she enjoys the stability, she also does not find him particularly physically satisfying. (Full article...)

6 April
Fat women

Fat acceptance is a movement to accept obesity in society, rather than promote healthy lifestyles and exercise. Purveyors of fat acceptance claim that the obese experience discrimination in healthcare, employment, education, interpersonal relationships, and in media. Certain feminist bloggers recognize that people who are not obese are treated better in society.

Critics of the fat acceptance movement point out that the health risks of obesity are well documented. Biological studies tend to agree that traditional beauty can be reliably measured across different cultures in two principal ways: body measurement and facial symmetry. This means men naturally prefer to reproduce with more slender women. (Full article...)

7 April
Biblical Gender Roles

Biblical Gender Roles is a Christian blog that advocates traditional masculinity and femininity. Its anonymous author has been attacked as a misogynist and rape apologist for arguing that forcing a spouse to have sex is physical abuse rather than marital rape. The blog deals extensively with Christian views on sexual refusal by spouses and advocates for polygyny and marriage of young women. The blog also notes that "a woman having a higher education makes her LESS likely to get married, and when she does get married she will have a much higher chance of divorce." (Full article...)

8 April
Latina weather girl

A Latina weather girl, or chica del clima, is an (invariably young and sexy) Latina meteorologist, who delivers the weather report while wearing a tight-fitting short dress. Some Latina weather girls go on to star in other roles or to marry famous celebrities. Yanet Garcia started as a model and is now dating professional Call of Duty player and fitness trainer Doug Censor Martin (who is also known as Faze Censor). She presents the weather on Televisa Monterrey news in an array of slim-fitting dresses. TV personality Jackie Guerrido rose to fame on TV (and the Internet) as the "hot Latina weather girl." She parlayed her success into an appearance on the show "Mira Quien Baila" and a marriage to reggaetón star Don Omar. Other popular Latina weather girls include Susana Almeida (Televisa), Mayte Carranco (Televisa), and Diana Alvarez (Canal 44 Juarez). (Full article...)

9 April
Zoe Quinn

Blue haired feminist (or sometimes "green hair feminist") is a negative adjective used to describe an unattractive female who believes in leftism or social justice. Because social justice is often seen as a anti-beauty cult, labeling a female as "blue haired feminist" is extremely derogatory. It has been observed that radical and unnatural hair colors often correspond to diagnosed mental illness, a belief in social justice, and a history of destructive behavior in a woman's personal life. Some observers have noticed the similarities to aposematism, nature's universal language of 'warning coloration' wherein venomous creatures seek attention to avoid predation. It is a good rule of thumb to assume that a woman with a radical hair coloration will be, to use the original saying, as "Mad (venomous) as an adder." This is doubly true when a blue dye job is combined with a short haircut, especially a Skrillex cut. (Full article...)

10 April
Voluptuous woman

Female body types are the shapes of women, as categorized according to a system. According to Chateau Heartiste, female body types "have real world consequences, for both men's capacity to experience pleasure and willingness to commit, and for women’s ability to leverage the sexual market to snag a winner man and fulfill their romantic needs." A study of the shapes of over 6,000 women, carried out by researchers at the North Carolina State University circa 2005, found that 46% were banana (rectangular), just over 20% pear, just under 14% apple, and 8% hourglass. Another study has found "that the average woman's waistline had expanded by six inches since the 1950s" and that today's women are taller and have bigger busts and hips than those of the 1950s. (Full article...)

11 April
Russian girl

Russian girls are said to be the best girlfriends because of their beauty (especially the Moscow girls) and because they cooking, do laundry, clean, provide unimaginably passion sex on demand, and are loyal and sophisticated. A typical Russian girl considers it her job to make sure her man is well fed, well rested, and always has a warm hole to empty his sperm reserves. High-end Russian girls are more attractive than high-end Brazilian girls, and although Argentina has many hot, sexy girls, they come at a higher frequency in Russia. Likewise, although Ukrainian and Russian girls have sexy, thin and tall bodies, Russian girls have tits and asses too, and Russian girls also have no teeth or acne issues, which is commonly a problem with Ukrainian girls. Other good qualities of Russian girls are that they are loving and caring toward their families; are well-trained in delicious local dishes; are polite, have good manners, and respect elders and males (having been raised with traditional European values); enjoy participating in cultural activities such as cinemas, theater, opera, ballet, music shows, and parades; and are athletic, enjoying sports and daily physical activity and having great figures. (Full article...)

12 April
Blowfish face

Selfies are, combined with their necessary instrument, the ubiquitous smartphone, the bloodline of modern-day females. These self-taken pictures serve as constant flattering of their ego, whether or not these females are actually beautiful and worth taking pics.

Asian girls' selfies are enhanced by a quite cute "mouth gesture" or pouting, called blow-fish face.

Selfies are not an inconvenience per se for males, except that they can become an obsession for many females, taking up a lot of their time, and leading them to think of themselves as some kind of stars. Selfies are also part of the "hunt for likes" on social media, the number-one favorite leisure activity for "modern" teens and women. (Full article...)

13 April
BPD ex

A borderline personality disorder ex, or BPD ex, is typically a man who has been left psychologically and emotionally (and perhaps physically, financially, legally, socially, and reputationally) devastated by a disastrous breakup with a girl with borderline personality disorder. He is the male equivalent of the alpha widow, in that they both had unrealistic expectations of a long and prosperous relationship with their partner, due to a failure to understand the true nature of their partner and of their partner's feelings for them. He will either continue pining after her (if the doesn't come back) or being recycled by her (if she does come back), and will typically accept the blame she is heaping on him for the relationship's failure, until he comes to an awareness of the truth.

Robert Wong remarks, "You know, the word 'borderline' probably wasn't in our head, because if it was, you know all those red flags, we would have like, ran to the hills. But when we met our ex way back when, we fell in love with her, and we thought everything was normal. We thought, you know, like it was a normal deck. But as the relationship progressed, and all these things came out, and started to unravel, and you got to see her false self-image, then you realized, 'Oh my gosh. What happened? Like, where did she go? Where's that person I fell in love with? Where did she go?' Well, I hate to say it, she was never there." (Full article...)

14 April
Secret Internet Fatty

SIF or Secret Internet Fatty is a term used to describe a person who attempts to mitigate the appearance of her being overweight in online pictures. This is generally accomplished through the manipulation of camera angles, lighting, shadows, and spatial factors. While there is a growing movement towards fat acceptance in the United States and throughout the Western world, obese people nonetheless usually feel the need to disguise their weight in images on social media. The term is near exclusively associated with women.

It is clear, due to the overwhelming existence of Secret Internet Fatties on dating sites like Tinder, that SIFs primarily use image deception as a means of coming into contact with potential mates. By ameliorating their size in photos that can then be used as sexual advertisements in sites like OKCupid and Tinder, SIFs seek to trick others into going on dates with them under false pretenses. It is clear that SIFs do not distort their pictures primarily to increase their chances of making friends or for improving self-perception, although the latter may be a strong secondary motive. (Full article...)

15 April
Title screen to the video

4 Things You Should Know About Free Speech is a Roosh video published on 12 April 2016. Roosh appears in the video wearing a Return of Kings t-shirt, and begins his comments by stating, "Welcome from an undisclosed location in eastern Europe. As you can see, I'm wearing a disguise. I'm wearing a fake beard." He then begins explaining the true nature of free speech in a first world country such as the United States, where speaking out against the regime can be quite expensive in terms of lost revenue and litigation expenses. (Full article...)

16 April
Roosh V press conference

The Roosh V press conference, held 6 February 2016 in a Washington D.C. (Dupoint Circle-area) hotel, was an event in which Roosh V defended himself against media claims that he advocated for the legalization of rape in a February 2015 blog post, "How to Stop Rape". In attendance were reporters from The Daily Beast, The Washington Post, Washingtonian, and Martha Stewart Living. The Daily Mail had revealed Roosh's parents' telephone number and address, which Roosh said put his family in danger. Roosh described himself as "the most hated man in the world" and gave his presidential endorsement to Donald Trump. According to Roosh, "After the press conference, the mob evaporated. A handful of articles trickled in and a few more haters tried a last effort on Twitter, but what happened in that hotel room sucked out all the energy from the enemy." (Full article...)

17 April
Mom's basement

Mom's basement is where manosphere writers are said by the mainstream media to live, after the media has reached the conclusion that these men are not, after all, powerful members of an oppressive patriarchy, men who use manipulative or deceptive tactics at bars to trick women into going home with them, or men who travel around the world raping women. The media, when unable to prove these allegations, finally concludes that these men must actually be virginal losers without any social skills with which to seduce women, without any money to spend on international airfare, and without a bachelor pad to bring a girl home to from a bar. A common response to male SJWs' and journalists' accusations of living in mom's basement is to ask, "Do you even lift?" (Full article...)

18 April
No hymen, no diamond image

#NoHymenNoDiamond or #PoppedCherryDontMarry is a movement that argues there is no such thing as a reformed whore; there is no way for a woman to erase her sexual past; and a woman's virginity should be preserved for her future husband. It is based on studies that have shown that the more sexual partners a woman has had, the less likely she is to describe her marriage as happy. (Full article...)

19 April

Cockblocking is the purposeful hampering of a man who's trying to seduce a woman. It is done through various (hateful and pitiful) tactics and (negative) behaviors, all aimed at destroying the kino that the man is trying to build with his "chosen" woman. For example, trying to pull the pretty woman away, sitting at a bar table where man and woman are socializing, badmouthing the man within earshot of the woman, etc. (Full article...)

20 April
Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump is the daughter of Donald Trump and his former wife Ivana. She has done modeling work in the past. Because of her good looks, sense of class, and relation to Donald Trump, Ivanka has become very popular among the membership of Roosh V Forum. Roosh V Forum member iop890 has gained the admiration of many of his fellow forum users by posting many almost-unknown pictures of Ivanka Trump on the forum's Donald Trump thread, some of which are from her modeling days. These pictures have become known on the forum as "Rare Ivankas". He later created a separate "Rare Ivanka Thread". (Full article...)

21 April

Tuthmosis Sonofra is a Return of Kings Columnist-at-Large and Roosh V forum moderator. His work has been covered by major media outlets such as The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Vice Magazine, The Daily Mail, and Yahoo Shine. He's also been profiled by BuzzFeed and The New Statesman. (Full article...)

22 April
All Public Rape Allegations Are False

All Public Rape Allegations Are False is a 7 December 2014 Roosh video that argues that if a woman goes to the press before going to the police with a rape accusation, her rape story is fabricated. Roosh further states that without a conviction or a confession, people must assume that the alleged rape did not occur. He brings up the Duke lacrosse case and the Brian Banks case as examples bolstering his view. He also cites Lady Gaga and Lena Dunham as examples of celebrities who made false rape allegations to bolster their careers. (Full article...)

23 April
How To Approach Girls At Bars

How To Approach Girls At Bars is a Roosh video about tactics for outfoxing cockblocks and otherwise navigating the treacherous environment of bars in a way that will avoid common missteps and most optimally take advantage of opportune moments such as when a girl has just received and paid for her drink. In the video, Roosh moves figurines around to demonstrate how to perform these maneuvers. (Full article...)

24 April
The video

A Day In The Life Of Roosh In Ukraine is a 7 October 2014 Roosh video with a dryly humorous account of Roosh's surroundings and how he spends his time. The two songs playing in the background are Otis McDonald's "Hang Ups" and Gunnar Olsen's "Shoulder Closures". In this video, he advises all men to apply baking soda to reduce armpit odor, saying it works extremely well for him. (Full article...)

25 April
A woman serving a man

Giving commands to women is a masculine skill and behavior. Menace writes, "The woman must merely see you as a high value man. And you must be confident. After that, you can tell them what to do. I tell them how I want them to dress, how to paint their nails, to watch what they eat, to lean out, things of that sort. Remember, it is part of a woman's nature to submit to a man. It's what they want, whether they admit it or not. But, you have to be seen as worthy of submission by them, hence all the testing, etc. Therefore, work on yourself, and the rest falls into place naturally." (Full article...)

26 April
Women's reaction to the novel

Fifty Shades of Grey is a a 2011 erotic romance novel by British author E. L. James that was adapted into a 2015 film version. It is the first installment in the Fifty Shades trilogy that traces the deepening relationship between a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young business magnate, Christian Grey. According to David Garrett Brown, "feminists are fucking scared. At least 100 million people, the vast, vast, vast majority of them women, voted with their feet, eyes, purses, and credit cards and purchased the woefully-written book, which is nonetheless simultaneously a masterpiece of anti-feminism. Now comes the film, which will only further titillate millions of middle-aged and young women, and underscore the female desire for male assertiveness and their own submission to such masculine control." (Full article...)

27 April
Roosh V press conference

2 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Live In The Suburbs is a 23 October 2012 Roosh video in which Roosh drives through the suburbs while explaining why living there is a bad idea. Specifically, living in the suburbs reduces one's sex drive and makes one focus on material possessions. Roosh mentions in a later blog post that living in the suburbs also produces bad logistics for same-day lays. (Full article...)

28 April
Schism with the Red Pill

Schism with The Red Pill is a Roosh video in which Roosh explains the background of the Red Pill movement and takes credit for its existence in its current form, calling himself the movement's father. (Full article...)

29 April
The wheel of history

The wheel of history is a mysterious 27 March 2016 Roosh video in which Big Man Tyrone, sporting a fu manchu and a suit, says, "Roosh is still here. You have not defeated him. This has become greater than one man. We will ride the wave of destiny. We will crush our enemies. We will make their women beautiful. The prophecy will be fulfilled. The new world order will collapse. The old order never died. It's happening. The wheel of history is turning. Only the strong will survive. You will be expected to fight. Safe passage will be granted to you. Roosh will protect you. The kings are returning." The video ends with the Return of Kings logo. (Full article...)

30 April
Josephine Georgiou

Josephine Georgiou is an Australian "model" who gained worldwide fame after having her breast exposed by Madonna at a gig in Brisbane on 17 March 2016. Madonna's not being prosecuted is an example of how we have reached "peak female privilege", according to David Garrett Brown. Her defenders have claimed, however, that Madonna had no idea how old Georgiou was, owing to the fact that she was dressed in a sexy way and stands approximately between 5'10" and 6'1". (Full article...)