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1 March

"People will take your help, and then rewrite history. They will act like they did it all themselves. The reason feminist/socialist society has shifted so hard from marriage and charity to child support and welfare is because women can't stand to give credit to the people they depend on. Being dependent on a husband meaning acknowledging that he voluntarily busts his ass at a job to support you; why do that when you can take his child support and still boast of being an "independent woman"? It's no different than the way American social services used to be handled by churches (and still are, in many other countries). Poor people used to have to humble themselves enough to ask for help; now they strut into the welfare office, leave with an EBT card and never think about where the money comes from. Poor people used to stay loyal to a church forever, because they could remember hard times when the church helped them get by. Now they stay loyal to the Democrat party for the same reason- what's missing in translation is gratitude, and the recognition that someone else worked for the money." — ScannerSloppy

2 March

"Just take solace in the fact that, last night, you probably fucked a girl that they would never get in a 1000 years of bluepilling." — raceAround126

3 March

"A woman falls in love with you for everything that you are. She spends the rest of the relationship trying to change you into everything that you’re not, and when she succeeds she will dump you for the guy who is what you were when she met you." — Beige Phillip. "The Principles of Game". 

4 March

"There are more women than men in higher education nowadays, and yet I would argue with an emphatic conviction that your average uneducated man is more cognisant and intellectually curious than his better educated female counterparts. It is simple: woman’s innate fixation with the social, a herd mentality and a need to be liked/accepted is what drives vapidity, and no amount of education seems to eradicate it. Ergo, if a woman is not vapid, it is probably more an effect of her natural biological makeup (eg: she’s an autist) rather than a product of formal education.

"And yet, despite the educational achievements of today’s women, said success seems to have had minimal effect on female hobbies and interests. Education hasn’t made women interesting. Education hasn’t given women hobbies distinct from the uneducated, nor has it imbued any sense of noblesse oblige. Education hasn’t disconnected women from the social hive mind and given them any real intellectual autonomy, it doesn’t seem to expand the female mind, but rather, it just fills it." — Illimitable Men (27 September 2015). "Educated Women & Vapidity". 

5 March

"Much about women is counterintuitive at a glance, counterintuitivity runs through their veins. If it didn’t, there would be a less dire need for the red pill." — Illimitable Men (27 September 2015). "Educated Women & Vapidity". 

6 March

"You would be surprised just how many women are 'educated' and yet lack an intellectual bone or original thought in their entire body. They are expert learners, clearly focused, disciplined and 'smart' in so much they can grasp ideas and processes, but they manage to achieve all this without any semblance of intellectual curiosity or original thought; a fascinating phenomenon. I liken it to the transmission of knowledge into a non-aware robot, intelligent, synoptic, but by its very nature devoid of self-awareness. It expertly follows instructions, repeats what it is taught and emulates what it is shown. But if you stop giving it knowledge, it stops looking for knowledge; it never becomes anything more than it is. It never learns to think for itself and do so with any degree of accuracy or credibility." — Illimitable Men (27 September 2015). "Educated Women & Vapidity". 

7 March

"Essentially, all women have daddy issues (no I’m not going to qualify that as 'most' or 'some' but forthrightly tell you ALL), if he was a good father she wants a serious relationship with a man who was like her father, strong, compassionate, worldly, a badass, but with a soft spot unique to her, women love to feel special, in fact, they crave it. If she had a good father, as a man looking to date such a woman (a woman with a good father) your life has already been made infinitely easier by his diligence, he has already raised an appealing woman and then left the foundations in place to cultivate this valuable raw material into a long-term partner, a mother and a wife. However, the onus is on you to be strong enough to maintain the status quo, such a woman will not respect weakness and thus will not follow the lead of a man who is too inept to take charge, such a woman will hold you to the standard set by her father and as such will compare you both in starkness." — Illimitable Men (21 March 2014). "Women of Substance Are Made, Not Born". 

8 March

"Women loathe being sexual objectified by lesser men, crafting their disgust for the unworthy into a veneer of moral superiority. Yet hidden within this guise of upright disgust is a depraved desire to be objectified by powerful men. Weak men get nothing, powerful men get perversions." — Illimitable Men (30 March 2016). "Fifty More Shades of Red". 

9 March

"Post break-up women move on quicker than men, they can do this because it’s easier for them to find a replacement, they invest less, and they’re good at rewriting their memories to dismiss everything that was ever good about you." — Illimitable Men (30 March 2016). "Fifty More Shades of Red". 

10 March

"Can a man who is busy banging several women ask at least some of them to accept the other girls? If the answer is yes, be the man a pornstar, a musician, a community leader or someone able to wife several women at once, then he has reached the highest levels of game. Such a man’s competition ranges from rare to nonexistent. Only a woman who worships a man can tolerate him to bang other girls and even be glad that he deigns to bang her too." — André du Pôle (28 May 2016). "4 Men Who Obtained Absolute Devotion And Worship From Women". 

11 March

"Dating Asian girls = playing Game on Easy mode." — corvinus333

12 March
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13 March
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14 March

"Beta boy logic: put women on pedestal, be content with them banging a succession of bikers through their 20s, pick them up post 30 and post the 160 pound mark, have children with them using their clapped-out eggs and uterine cavities, willingly hand over half your assets and all your children after being married a couple of years to them because they're 'not fulfilled', because somehow all women are 'worthy'.

"If she won't give you the best years of her life, why should you give her yours?" — Marcus Aurelius

15 March

"Black women have more degrees than black men and probably have now earned more money than the men. So they say 'I don't need me no man' and they'll rather never marry or have an out of wedlock kid with a Chris Brown type than settle for a guy they think is 'below' them. I think white America is going through the same process but just a few decades delayed." — ShadowRising

16 March
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17 March

"[H]aving a large enough fraction of the women in a community mostly focused on the home and neighborhood completely transforms it. It's not just about having a nice homelife. Women network and gossip a lot more easily than men and problems in the area get noticed and addressed sooner. Networks of moms form the community social backbone; everyone winds up knowing more people and socializing more. None of this happens if all the women are stressed out and time crunched from professional level jobs.

"You used to be able to kick the kids out the door in the morning and not worry about it, because at any given moment they'd be vaguely under the supervision of some sane mother keeping an eye on the block, even just a stranger. Most neighborhoods are just glorified dormitories now, because there's not an army of moms and grandparents looking things over and chit-chatting." — edcdbbb6

18 March

"The majority of women, even after all the notions of gender equality rammed into their skulls, will only show up after the new structures are painted, the floors are clean & carpeted & with the water running & power supply connected. You're not seeing them with the ugly hard hats & harnesses getting all muddy & dust covered when the construction is going on." — frank rook

19 March

"A woman’s body does not age well. You want the most amount of years with your wife having a tight, young, firm body. After 30 it goes downhill fast. At around the age of 31 a woman’s beauty really declines fast.

"It's a tradeoff, she gives you her good years and you put up with her in her bad years. Never take a woman already in her bad years.

"Women do not age well. 'Cougars', older women that younger men find irresistible, are an invention of the movies. Single women over the age of 30 have wasted all their pretty years having a lot of random sex and now they want to find a sucker who will take care of them without having to give him any of her good years. Don't be that sucker." — Victor Pride (21 January 2012). "How to Pick the Right Wife". Bold&Determined. 

20 March
Max Roscoe
Max Roscoe

"The wife is happy because she is pleasing her husband, and she enjoys fulfilling her role in the relationship, the same way we naturally enjoy the rewards of hard work, the satisfaction of fixing things, and kind actions which bring a smile to the face of a woman who earns and has our affections." — Max Roscoe (1 January 2016). "10 Things My Dog Taught Me About Women". Return of Kings. 

21 March
Roosh V
Roosh V

"Now I’ve whined and bitched about women plenty on this blog, and I think it’s especially fun to get on feminists and American women, but at the end of the day I’m also banging feminists and American women, drinking with them, having a laugh with them, and cuddling with them until I get bored and need a break from their sense of entitlement and masculine attitudes." — Roosh V (21 October 2009). ""Men's Rights" Has Become A Euphemism For "Sexual Loser"". Roosh V. 

22 March

"There is nothing quite as satisfying as watching your barefoot, pregnant wife preparing a delicious home cooked meal for you." — Michael Sebastian (15 February 2016). "5 Ways To Groom An Indian Girl To Be A Subservient Wife". Return of Kings. 

23 March
Roosh V
Roosh V

"By the time most men finish puberty, they will have an impression of women that is mostly fantasy. Modern culture has undertaken huge steps to portray women simultaneously as victims needing male assistance and empowered superheros who are so capable and brave that they don't even need men at all. It’s not surprising to find that many men have an understanding of women that is not far from what you would find in an old Disney movie, of women who display amazing acts of courage one moment and then needing approval and assistance from dashing princes the next." — Roosh (6 May 2015). "What Is Neomasculinity?". Roosh V. 

24 March
Matt Forney
Matt Forney

"It's well-known that a great many girls have rape fantasies, and a significant number of rape victims claim to have orgasmed during their assaults. Both these points serve as evidence that a portion of the female population—the r-selected, leftist portion—not only wants to be raped, but is physiologically adapted for it." — Matt Forney (22 February 2016). "Why Feminists Want Men to Rape Them". 

25 March
Henry Makow
Henry Makow

"The next step in globalization is to make North American women compete with Asian women, which they can't. Basically American women are in the position of big labor in the seventies: spoiled, arrogant and egotistical. They have forgotten how to love. The answer is to flood the market with millions of lithe, lovable Asian beauties." — Henry Makow (2000). "Love is a Journey". A Long Way to Go for a Date. 

26 March
Walter Block
Walter Block

"Let's take Nobel prizes. And I'm not talking about wishy-washy, wussy fields like Literature, where they give it to females to even things out. I'm talking about physics, and chemistry, and even economics. In economics, there is but one female Nobel prize winner: Elinor Ostrom in 2009. To the best of my knowledge Madame Curie is the only one who won in physics, or any of the hard sciences.

"In math, they don't have any Nobel prize, but there is the Fields Medal; so far, only men have won." — Walter Block (2011). "Male-Female Earnings and Equal Pay Legislation". The Case for Discrimination. 

27 March
Todd Greene
Todd Greene

"For the victim of restraining order abuse, there are no escapes. The stigma, which may be debilitating, is permanent and may be accompanied besides by his or her being denied access to home, kids, pets, property, and money. In other words, s/he may find him- or herself robbed by the state of all resources and values on top of having to bear a psychic wound there’s no staunching." — Todd Greene (7 December 2013). "The New Domestic Violence: Restraining Order Abuse". TALKING BACK to restraining orders. 

28 March
The Book of Bonecrker
The Book of Bonecrker

"Going from a not confident to a confident person involves only one thing... cultivating power. Do all of those things likely to bring you power. Work out until you are strong. Mind your business until you are rich. Eliminate useless behaviours. Build your kingdom of people and resources until it is unassailable. Be competent in everything you do. Those are the things that bring confidence. Nothing else does." — Bonecrker (9 March 2015). "Choose Confidence". The Masculine Principle. 

29 March

"Most men who are divorced have been abandoned/victimized by a woman who flaked on them. They did their part, she did not. He did not want the divorce and she forced it on him, for no reason at all beyond her own insanity. The reverse is not true. Most women who are divorced, caused their divorce, chose divorce, forced divorce on their husband and did all sorts of things to cause as much harm as possible, usually during a self-destructive death spiral. To say any sane man should stay the hell away from them is an understatement. There are exceptions, but they are relatively uncommon. Just as there are exceptions to divorced men. Some were abusive freaks, or ran off with their secretary or something equally inappropriate. But they are rare outside the lower socio-economic classes. Even the exceptions (and I have direct experience with this), a man will find she is the type of woman who seeks out bad men. You'll see a long history of weeding out the good men and only choosing the bad." — Bonecrker (5 February 2004). "Bonecrker #36 - Just Say No to Divorced Women". NO MA'AM. 

30 March

"In the economic contract of marriage, the female agrees to transfer the ownership of her sexual reproductive ability to the male, and she takes ownership of his surplus labour as payment for it.

So, yes, while the feminists harp on and on that women were once 'owned' as chattel, there is truth to this because in a very real sense, a woman's sexuality became the property of the husband. He very much was considered to 'own' her sexuality and the products of her sexuality (children). The children of a marriage became his property, because he paid for them." — Bonecrker (11 March 2015). "The Fraud of Modern Marriage (Women as Chattel)". The Book of Bonecrker. 

31 March
Roosh V
Roosh V

"I teach guys how to be sexually attractive. This includes being confident and masculine, traits that women say they don't love, but respond favorably to anyway. There is not a single known case of one of my supporters being involved in a crime that has been linked to my writing. If there was, the media would certainly report on it." — Roosh (4 February 2016). "Everything You Wanted To Know About Daryush "Roosh" Valizadeh But Were Afraid To Ask". Roosh V.