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Rape baiting is when a rape "victim" deliberately creates or enters into a situation that puts themselves at high risk for being raped, hoping that they will be raped. Contrary to consensual non-consent roleplays, the goal here is that the rapist (we'll call him the "target") does not know the victim's actions are deliberate and truly believes that he is raping an unwilling victim. To the baiter, the experience is more "real" than a roleplay since the target in a successful baiting is for all intents and purposes a real rapist.[1] Rape baiting is a common topic of discussion at /r/Rapekink.


The FAQ notes:[2]

In all instances, it generally helps to look vulnerable, act more drunk or high than you actually are, and dress provocatively in a way that will draw a guy's eyes to you but not make you look like a slut or whore. Feigning naïveté and innocence is often applicable, with an appearance to match. Also note that in most cases, the setting is such that the target is expected to have been drinking as well, which decreases his judgement and increases the probability that you can goad him into raping you. These tactics are not a sure thing, in many cases the target will not in fact rape you or a third party may move in out of concern to protect you. These are actually reassuring signs that most men are capable of doing the morally correct thing. Perseverance is often needed until a successful bait can be achieved.

A technique that seems to work quite well is to act shy, lost, and over-apologetic about everything. Find ways to say "I'm sorry" and take blame for stuff. Spill your drink and talk about how stupid and clumsy you are. Bump into guys and apologize, saying you don't pay attention. If guys touch you, act aggressively, or say nasty things, laugh like it's a joke and ignore them touching you. This behavior indicates to them that they will be able to intimidate and control you easily, and you won't try to get them in trouble if they push things "too far". Targeting groups of guys rather than lone guys can also be helpful, as they may feel safer if they attack you together.

Other uses[edit]

Colloquially, a girl who dresses sluttier than the occasion calls for, to invite aggressive male attention, is sometimes referred to as rape bait.[3]
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