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The red pill refers to the acceptance and embrace of truth about relations between the sexes, even when it is painful. ErasmusOrgasmus writes, "The Red Pill is itself a test of strength. It's a choice between the palatable fiction or the painful truth. All of us here have moments where the truth is particularly painful, where it really stings to the point that we wish we could escape reality and go back to blissful ignorance. But ultimately it's a simple choice: either face the demon head on or turn your back and pretend he doesn't exist."[1] While the red pill is considered a more accurate view of reality, taking it is said to have a price, including possible isolation, loss of enjoyment of popular media, and the pain of self-aware self-censorship.[2]


The term "red pill" comes from the 1999 film The Matrix where the character Neo must choose between a blue pill—representing continued sleep and ignorance of the truth nature of reality—and a red pill—which would give him a painful awakening but show him the true nature of the world he lived in.

A key lesson of this scene is that taking the red pill is a choice rather than merely a gift of revelation or a methodical inquiry. Without making a voluntarily choice to "take the red pill" men will continue to live in illusion. Whisper explains:[3]

Son, the reason we called it by a metaphor from a dumbass science fiction movie is that it was an apt picture of the transformative experience of opening your eyes and seeing what's there.

Now, you may find the idea that you're hardwired to take care of women unpalatable. That doesn't make it any less true. And of course we have to suppress that programming. That's what this shit is all about. If you'd read instead of skimming, you'd have seen that.

The way to control something is not, however, to pretend it doesn't exist. We invented another metaphor for that kind of thing.


Rollo notes, "The Red Pill, from the respect that I interpret it, is a praxeology. . . . The Red Pill is the theory while Game is the practice and the fieldwork experimentation. Both inform the other, and one suffers without the other."[4] He also notes, "In the manosphere we tend to conflate Alpha with Red Pill, but as I always say, Alpha is a mindset and not representative of whether that man is in fact ‘woke’ to his conditions and manipulations. . . . As most readers know, I consider Alpha and Beta abstract terms; they are placeholders for concepts, thus, it is entirely possible for a largely Alpha man to be thoroughly invested in his Blue Pill conditioning. Likewise, it is also possible for more Beta men to be some of the most Red Pill aware men you’re likely to meet. It’s when a Beta man is ego-invested in the Blue Pill that he’s most to be pitied, while a Red Pill aware Alpha is likely to be the most celebrated. But that’s not to say the Red Pill and Alpha, or the Blue Pill and Beta are mutually exclusive concepts."[5]


In the manosphere, red pill thinkers reject comforting blue pill maxims such as NAWALT and that being a nice guy will get a man sex or secure a LTR.

The red pill viewpoint includes the solipsism of women, the degeneracy of Hollywood and mainstream culture, hypergamy, the need for game, and the destructive nature of feminism—especially White knights.[6][7]


cookiecutterbullshit writes:[8]

I think members of TRP are aware of its radical element. By this, I mean, TRP members aren't coming here to learn how to "effective communicate". They're learning when and how to stand their ground.

TRP advocates some hardball tactics. Members are supposed to recognize when hardball isn't called for.

It would be like advocating a more liberal use of the impeachment process, or a more restrained and limited use of judicial activism. It's an extreme measure in and of itself, so its avocation is limited to the margins of an existing political equilibrium.

It would be like advising to a management board of a retail company that they host a huge sale, with 50% of retail prices etc. It's understood that the sale wouldn't last long relative to their normal operation.

Extreme measures should be used sparingly.

TRP is a natural reaction to men having lost the right to EVER use hardball tactics. Men are always rewarded for "taking the high road", which used to mean something, but now it just means to take everyone's shit.

TRP advocates how and when to use extreme measures.

When it comes to doing effective compromises, I don't know if I would let on that I'm even in a bartering position with a woman. With men, you state your cases and make your points in a normal conversation, listen to theirs, figure out where the solutions are being pointed towards, and then you start bartering. You both start high, and you edge your way to meeting towards the middle.

I would be hard pressed to attempt this with a woman.

deleted responded:[9]

I think there is some danger in red pill "going mainstream" for this reason. It does have a fight or flight element to it, and I also think it has an intelligence threshold to it also which means there will be plenty of people attempting to swallow it that won't be able to grasp it. My worry is having a new crop of red pillers that don't understand how to pick battles or compromise and then turn into a bunch of hot heads that start fights over people cutting in line at the grocery store because "I don't take shit, I'm alpha"

Distinction with men's rights activism[edit]

[deleted] notes:[10]

TRP mentality isn't some MRA shit. It's not a social movement like feminism. It's not going to change anything big or shit like that.

It's strictly a way, the proper way, that you are meant to think and act to get you the best results in life and with women. If you're here to reform women, or other men, you're wasting your time.

By the time you're done with the girl, she'll half-fondly think of you as the asshole who made her do some nasty shit (raped her, because she let her inner freak out and you didn't put a ring on it).

RedPillDad replies:[11]

TRP is a form of leadership development. You get your shit together and, if you so choose, help others to do the same.

You can keep fucking raw clay if you want. But incorporate some molding and you'll have a better woman, a sustainable relationship.

Responses to red pill ideas[edit]

Onder writes, "The worst thing about taking the red pill is that your family (who are all blue pill) becomes increasingly frustrated with you; thinking you've become a sexist monster and not realizing the truth behind the matter."[12]

Relation to neomasculinity[edit]

Doctor_Mayhem says, "I think that Roosh detaching from the "Red Pill" label and community is some stupid, special snowflake shit and I don't agree with it at all, but, I can get why he's doing it" and explains that Roosh's critiques of the alpha/beta dichotomy and the lack of leadership in the red pill community and the lack of guidance of men and women outside of sex are legitimate.[13]

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