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Russian girls are said to be the best because of their beauty (especially the Moscow girls) and because they cook, do laundry, clean, provide unimaginably passionate sex on demand, and are loyal and sophisticated. A typical Russian girl considers it her job to make sure her man is well fed, well rested, and always has a warm hole to empty his sperm reserves.[1] High-end Russian girls are more attractive than high-end Brazilian girls, and although Argentina has many hot, sexy girls, they come at a higher frequency in Russia. Likewise, although Ukrainian and Russian girls have sexy, thin and tall bodies, Russian girls have tits and asses too, and Russian girls also have no teeth or acne issues, which is commonly a problem with Ukrainian girls.[2]

Other good qualities of Russian girls are that they are loving and caring toward their families; are well-trained in delicious local dishes; are polite, have good manners, and respect elders and males (having been raised with traditional Orthodox Christian values); enjoy participating in cultural activities such as cinemas, theater, opera, ballet, music shows, and parades; and are athletic, enjoying sports and daily physical activity and having great figures.

The dark side of Russian girls is that, like other girls from eastern European countries, they are sometimes expert con women. This is reflected in the high rate of lawsuits by Russian brides filing affidavit of support enforcement cases against their husbands. In light of this criticism, men who are looking for a traditional woman often turn to Filipinas.



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