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Spanking is something that women are said to enjoy. It gives women a chance to release their emotions.[1]

A Reddit post by [deleted] notes:[2]

In my experience spanks can be used as a force for good. In terms of getting your woman in line so to speak, spanks are an excellent method to re-inforce in her mind the idea that you are wearing the trousers in the relationship. Of course there are legal aspects to consider here, but spanks even in public between couples are still considered normal, or at least that has been my experience so far. A firm and loud – spank makes her like you more and more. A collection of spanks to be delivered to punish her bad behaviour perhaps are even better. Women know when they have been bad, and if you keep score – she will also remember to not be bad again.

The BDSM community has an extreme fixation with spanking amongst many other things, and perhaps that kind of thing is not for everyone. But you must understand what the spank represents; it’s a quick and easy way to punish bad behaviour without causing any sort of harm. If you are not into spanking then there are other ways in which you can do this. In the past I used to give what I would call emotional slaps, or perhaps be passive aggressive or the like. But you know, the years pass, you realise talking does not necessarily achieve very much, so perhaps – if we are being honest with each other – a spank is an easy and effective method to re-enforce your dominance. Also spanks are quite sexual unlike verbal communication over things to do with her behaviour you didn’t like. Therefore, I would strongly advice incorporation in your interactions with sexual partners you want to keep around.

JUST FYI – I don’t mean that spanks should be used as a way to express your anger towards your partner. They should not be used as revenge. They should in no way be delivered if you are angry. I honestly believe that you should deliver them in a carefree manner and in a very controlled manner. You are in control after all. I do think if spanks are delivered when angry, they can constitute abuse in the mind of your partner, as you will be in essence beating her out of spite. Just thought I would include it there just in case people were not clear about that.

bromyiqis900 notes:[3]

Good response to anything honestly, good or bad. I spank every girl's ass I'm even remotely with, in private, in public, for pleasing me, for annoying me.

Like anything, the key is holding frame. I've had plenty of girls pull the "don't touch my ass" when they are in a huff over something silly and I am acting amused with a quick spank.

The proper response is "I'll spank your ass whenever I want" and meaning it. I have never not had a girl hop right back into line, the absolute most angry they can get is dragging it out a couple more quick reps "NO YOU WON'T!" "Yes I will, I'll do it right now, that ass belongs to me" "NO IT DOESN'T" "it does and you love it" "NO I DON'T!" "fine then leave, plenty of other hot little asses like yours that would love me to spank them" "YOU'RE SUCH AN ASSHOLE!!" "no I'm an ass-man, and you are the one trying to deprive me of that perfect little ass of yours, which makes you the asshole"

Eventually they all break down with enough playful banter and also letting them know you are serious about them leaving.

If they really leave you, you fucked up long before that and she doesn't respect you, either way, good that she's gone so you can do better next time.

Physical dominance (in a playful way) is extremely important in captivating a girl. You should always be picking them up, spanking their ass and taking control of their body as early as possible.

MattyAnon advises to do it "In public. To add to the humiliation. Tell her you're going to do it, and how... and then do it."[4] TheRedStoic notes that spanking can also be used for the slutty kind of "bad behavior", i.e. "spanks for affection /ravishing, encouraging 'bad' read as "my slut" behavior. "you got me hard and you know I have a meeting in ten." or "did you wear that just to distract me?""[5] SpicySphincter notes:[6]

When my wife would purposely piss me off, instead of getting into an argument, I'd sometimes "playfully" grab her and slap her ass, effectively tenderizing it for later. ;) good foreplay and gets rid of a bitchy mood.

Daddy notes:[7]

When Anna is not taking care of herself, a spanking must be delivered lovingly. Her mistake is of not loving herself enough, and so my spanking must show her how much I love her, in spite of the pain it causes. A spanking for not taking care of herself is administered slowly. She is given time, beforehand, to think of what she did wrong. We discuss it at length before the spanking begins. I tell her repeatedly how much I love her, and why it is that I require her to love herself. How valuable and precious she is to me. This spanking is delivered in layers. A layer of punishment followed by a layer of love. After a layer of spanks, I will stroke her sore bottom and tell her again, I love you my girl. You will not mistreat the people I love, and I love you first and foremost. And another layer of discipline, and then more love and so forth. The design of this spanking is not accidental. The pain of the punishment drives the message of love deeper into her heart.

When Anna's mistake is forgetfulness, my spanking is designed to imprint a memory. Literally, I want her to remember her smarting bottom every time she walks out the front door so that she will never walk through it again without first checking if her cell phone is with her. Imprinting a memory is similar to imprinting my love. It works in layers. The layer of spanks is followed by rest, during which time I will tell her again why she must always remember the lesson I am teaching. I will talk to her during this type of spanking again too, with the words matching the rhythem of the spanks, but I don't believe she absorbs much of what I say during the spanking, and that is why it is important to stop and have her listen between rounds.

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