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A strong and independent woman is one who is autonomous, self-contained, self-sufficient and self-perpetuating. She does not need a man to complement her.[1] She takes pride in being able to do everything by herself.[2] In popular fiction, the first cue that a woman is a strong woman is that she communicates in an overt, information centered, masculine manner.[3] Illimitable Men writes:[4]

A women’s beliefs and behaviours are like water, they reflect whatever the culture and immediate group around her tell her. Women do not defy, they conform. Today’s unruly women who defy men do not do so because they are mavericks of great ingenuity and critical thinking defying the natural order, no, they defy man to conform with the pervasive feminist indoctrination that dominates our public institutions, contemporary academia being of particular note.

Even traditional women, women who value house and child over corporations and careers are under constant attack from shrill feminist harpies, shamed and derided for their maternal instinct and bombarded by ideological vomit such as “you’ve internalised the patriarchy’s misogyny!”. These women are the real mavericks going against the grain, those who follow in the footsteps of their grand mothers and their mothers before them. Yet the vast majority of today’s women are neither traditional nor respectful of men, and I will tell you why.

She cannot see through the deception because she needs approval more than the truth. She defies man because she was told to, not because she can think for herself and has deduced after much philosophising that denouncing men is in her best interest (hint: it isn’t).

TheMan notes, "I am a strong, funny and independent woman" can be translated as, "Somewhere along the line I have mistaken snark for humor, belligerence for strength and reliance on white knight drones, injust laws and biased societal frameworks as independence."[5]

guest-ajjwlwnm writes, in response to "you can't count on anybody, or make anyone happy, except yourself. A message which, by the way, is infinitely compatible with feminism", "And yet feminism can and does 'count on' billions of dollars in taxpayers money. Independence is anathema to feminism."[6]

Victor Pride writes:[7]

Feminism teaches women to restrict their natural womanly behaviors as “weak” and to act like men, to be “strong” and “independent”. That's lovely but those are male traits and they will always be male traits and they will never be natural to women. Of course when women start acting like men and demanding all the power that they think men have what do you think men will do? Become MORE masculine? Nope. They become more feminine to compensate.

Roosh describes "strong" women as "women who are overbearing, masculine, annoying, irritable, and whiny".[8]


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