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Todd Greene is the author of the blog "TALKING BACK to restraining orders". He describes himself as "a would-be commercial writer whose life has been preoccupied with legal conflict for many years"[1] and "a would-be kids’ humorist who earns his crust as a manual laborer and sometime editor of student essays and flier copy."[2] He notes, "In 2006, when I was first accused, I was a practicing creative writer. For the previous six years, I had daily composed (what I hoped were) funny verses that I meant to market as a book or books, specifically to kids—which means to moms. (This investment of time was as much in the development of skills as it was in production.)"[3] The false accusations that were brought against him derailed his career. His blog, however, is one of the most comprehensive Internet resources concerning restraining orders.

Arizona v. Todd Greene[edit]

Todd Greene is facing a criminal case, Arizona v. Todd Greene. He states, "The author of this site has been attacked again by women who have stalked and falsely incriminated him for 10 years to get attention. The effectiveness of the author's First Amendment defense will determine whether this site is preserved or terminated."


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