Use of feminism as a shit test

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The use of feminism as a shit test has been discussed throughout the manosphere. Tuthmosis Sonofra argues:[1]

Guys in the manosphere often ponder out-loud whether feminism isn’t just some giant, collective “shit test” from women—that is, a giant test of men’s aggregate mettle. I suspect that—to a certain extent—it is, while being quick to add that feminism is merely one tray in a Las-Vegas-sized buffet of women’s child-like behavior. Both society (parents), and men (older brother), have failed to keep our bratty little sister in check.

The solution: treat them like the little-siblings-who-never-grew-up that they are.

Heartiste notes, "Women by their nature want to submit to a man; the only question is to which men they will submit. Hint: It’s not weak yes-men who flatter feminists’ childish world views."[2]

ILiveAgain writes:[3]

I have no doubt it started as a shit test …. seeing how far they cuold push their luck ….

But like kids with matches ….. the fire is now out of control and they have burned down all the escapes ….

Now that fire is so uncontrollable the they can’t be saved and the firefighters can only let it burn out and rebuild on the ashes.

One thing I know about all this …. come the rebuild …. women will NOT be allowed this latitude again.

Feminism as shit test has been hypothesized as a reason why feminists like Islam but dislike western men.[4]

Possible responses to hot girls' inquiries, "What do you think of feminism"?[edit]

  • Love it. I'd be married if it wasn't for feminism.
  • Fucking LOVE it. Premarital sex for the win!
  • It's like religion. Makes people feel good.[5]
  • Great! Girls buy me drinks now.
  • You mean lesbianism?
  • I don't.

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