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'gina tingles are a woman's feelings of sexual excitement towards a man.[1]


SetConsumes notes, "Butterflies are different than tingles, butterflies are more in the stomach area, tingles take place in her pussy. My SO often enough tells me when a behavior on my part gives her tingles or makes her pussy twinge. Usually it's when I manhandle her."[2]


Girls feel "gina tingles" when they find themselves in the presence of a masculine man. MisterInfinite notes, "Girls tingle when facing unpredictability, and the only way to pull this off successfully is to be sure of yourself. . . . You have to feel comfortable enough with yourself to make a girl feel a RANGE OF EMOTIONS, and it’s this CERTAINTY within UNCERTAINTY which makes you attractive."[3] Alpha behavior in particular tends to generate more tingles.[4]

shakaldrogo notes that tingles are "Given to her by you & the way you make her feel. Those emotions of sadness, anger, adoration etc.. All work together to give her the Gina Tingles. There is a by-product which comes from this (pun intended)."[5] QualityControlled notes, "The tingle is most frequently caused by emotional swings, but you can think of it as an emotion-adjusted boner. That is to say, men get boners from women who are physically attractive, women get boners from men who are able to toy with their emotions, and therefore physically/emotionally attractive."[6]

Sandkasten notes:[7]

But I want to point out the small things. I remember when I started to experiment with some methods/techniques I've read in countless books, not only PUA related. For example waiting for two seconds before you answer her and holding eye contact the whole time. You can see it in her eyes, the hamster in overdrive. 'Did I say something wrong?'; 'Why is he not answering me?'; 'Is he mad?'

Vocal exercises to deepen your voice. Leading without saying a word, just with eye contact or just grabbing her hand. Subtle body contact (kino) like brushing your elbow against her tits for a split second.

It is entertaining to try new things and see what works for me and what not. Not only with women but also in my career.

Building up sexual tension (tingles) reduces the possibility or extent of LMR.

Freddy Fedora writes, "Make a girl feel joy, anger, excitement, resentment, empathy, jealousy. Just never make her feel bored. Do the usual game and if the girl starts to wane in her interest 180 on her. I was on a date with a girl, making her laugh etc. She wasn't responsive to my advances so I just said 'I'm bored' stood up and left without looking back. After that she was all over me and was trying constantly to keep my interest if ya know what I mean."[8] He also notes, "There's a difference between what you see as being boring and her being bored. Yes you where quiet. Yet she was sitting there thinking 'omg why is he so quiet!' She isnt bored shes worried/curious."[9]

Hecticchow suggests, "Spike their emotions by using push/pull technique."[10] Other cited factors for producing tingles have included The art of not giving a fuck,[11] mystery and flirting with other women,[12] eye contact,[13]

Use of physical strength[edit]

truchisoft notes:[14]

Yesterday I was with my girl in a love hotel, and I decided I wanted to go all porn star with her, so I grab her by the hips, raise her to my hips and start making out for a minute or two. Then I raised her more, while manipulating her in the air, to my shoulders, I made her sit in them and then started eating her out for a little while more. Lastly, I lower her back to my mouth and start making out again...

1 hour and 17 orgasms later she tells me "that was so hot, I felt like I was weightless to you and that made me so horny"

Always be strong enough to easily lift your girl is something we should all strive, I think in fact that no real relationship is really possible with a girl unless that phrase becomes a reality.

That is why get ripped is so important, it's not only the appearance but the ability to become dominant by strength.

Bucky_Goldstein notes:[15]

Never date a girl you can't bench press.

Laying in bed one day a while back and my girlfriend says "can you bench press me?" like wtf, ok lets try this and I did it without much hassle, then the cooing over how strong I am and how she feels safe with me.

Girls love it when you throw them around.

Effect on female behavior[edit]

Mister Infinite notes, "When she feels the tingle for you, she’ll rationalize all kinds of bullshit to see you in a positive light regardless of your actual virtue."[16] Deansdale writes:[17]

Now of course attraction works differently for women than for men. They are not so much concerned about looks. They are looking for self confidence, dominance, etc., so you have some time to show her what you’re made of. But the basic principle is still in work here: by no amount of reasoning can you make her panties wet. It’s decided in her subconscious and that doesn’t care about jobs or cars. This is why women find felons with uber-confident body language more attractive than rich men with low self confidence. They might marry a rich guy for the money but they still get their panties wet over “bad guys”.

Likewise, jagrmeister notes, "Unlike men, women will confuse their sexual attraction for love and allow it to skew their perception of the male's traits over the long term. Men may follow sexual attraction to have sex, and then rationally assess there is no compatibility whereas women will follow a socially dominant man to the ends of the Earth even if that man mistreats her, will not commit to an LTR, or shows obvious signs of incompatibility. Women are strictly unable to use their rationality to curb their subconscious instincts".[1]

Origin of the term[edit]

The cultural meme of "gina tingles" originated with the "The Ring" episode of South Park, in which a girl listening to a Jonas Brothers concert says "My 'giney tickles!"[18] NeoreactionSafe notes, with regard to The Wrath of Khan, "I was trying to find the exact scene in the original, but there is the initial meeting between Khan and and the girl where they actually play a sound that sounds like Tingles when you know she's getting that sudden wet feeling being near him."[19]


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