Victorian New Woman

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Victorian New Woman.jpg

The Victorian New Woman is a Progressive Era trope which generally features a woman dressed in bloomers and petticoat with glasses and an elaborate hat, smoking and riding a bicycle in disregard for pedestrians and other bicyclists, and otherwise "asserting herself" around men.

This trope is one of the earliest figures depicting contemporary feminism.

In Might Is Right, Ragnar Redbeard writes:

There is nothing particularly inviting about barren, dyspeptic, blue-stocking 'New Women' in pants and spectacles; talking idiotic snuffle through their noses; with busts made of adjustable india-rubber; with narrow or padded hips, and 'wheels between their legs,' scorching across the curbstones like mad… They won't even breed; or if they do so (by accident) their puny embryos, have to be delicately nurtured into life with steam-heated incubator-mechanism and afterwards fed and weaned on 'the bottle.' The sons of such women – bottle fed abortions – of what good are they? It is women of this kind (unnatural monsters they are) that cause so much domestic unhappiness.[1]


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