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A war bride is a woman who marries a conqueror, perhaps one who killed her father, husband, brothers, etc. Women's serving as war brides in our ancestral past is often viewed as a source of modern female disloyalty. Women's "war brides" mentality is said to be complementary to men's war prize mentality.[1]

Relation to language skills[edit]

VasiliyZaitzev notes,[2]

Women, like gold, artwork, fine wines, etc., are war booty. They cannot particularly be blamed for their nature. Ever wonder why it's generally easier for women to pick up a new language? Because defeated men were killed but women were kept for pleasure and breeding, and the ability to learn the new (to them) language quickly improved their value and the likelihood that they would survive.

As to the present difficulties, lads, whistle a happy tune as you sharpen your bayonet, and rejoice that you were born masculine.

Samantha_Cruz argues,[3]

that may be a factor in the language difference but also consider that through most of human history women stayed back at the campsite/home cooking, sewing, cleaning, maintaining the camp, caring for the children and talking incessantly with the other women in the camp while the men were often out hunting, fishing, or working in fields which was largely silent solitary pursuits (even hunting parties rarely spoke so as not to frighten the prey). over millennia this would clearly have an impact on the verbal skills and it is pretty clear in brain scans that women have higher vocabularies in general. Women talk a LOT more than men; It is simply how we are wired.

Relation to mirroring[edit]

GhostOfJefferson writes, with regard to mirroring:[4]

Keep in mind (lurkers) that this is a feature of women, it's not really something devious that they control per se, it's just how they're wired. It's why she can be the wife of a French Resistance fighter in May and the bride of a Nazi occupier in December after her Resistance fighter husband was blown up by a tank shell. It's a survival strategy, just be aware of it and learn to work around it to your advantage.


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