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The term white knight is used to describe men who defend women on the Internet, or in real life. It is generally assumed that they are looking for a romantic reward in return, similar to a beta orbiter. This mating strategy almost always proves to be unsuccessful for men. In fact, they rarely even receive a thank you.[1] Neil Patrick Harris in Gone Girl has been described as the ultimate embodiment of a white knight.[2] SJW white knights hold most of their influence online because it is easier to connect with other SJW white knights online than it is offline.[3]


More broadly, a white knight treats the women he defends as "Innocent, Delicate, Beautiful Goddesses who are in constant need of Protection, Defense, and Social Support". White knighting is sometimes defined as "When a male, outside of sexual conquest, does anything for a female (who they have no obligation or relation to), that they would not do for a male, given the same situation and circumstances" or "When a male who is on a sexual conquest, prioritizes the wants, needs, and desires of females to the point where his own life has been derailed and/or placed on hiatus."[4]

MattyAnon notes that an alternate definition of white knighting is "supporting the feminine imperative and the female mating strategy, and directly opposing the male mating strategy, if necessary directly opposing men, masculinity and the very definitions of male attractiveness (other than through direct competition)."[5]

Women's reacttions[edit]

RedPillDad theorizes, "Women are mostly amused by a White Knight gallantry. But it's different from the thirsty idiots tripping over themselves to buy women drinks, in hopes of loosening them up for reciprocal sex... WK's are thirsty for a mission where they get rewarded with the ego validation of a hero's role - to be that epic rescuer of the damsel. WK's are serotonin junkies."[6]


TheSKSpecial notes, "For the guys trying to break free of their white knight impulses, the single biggest step you can take is learning to say no and meaning it."[7] PowerValve notes that "saying 'No' to a woman is basically telling her that she is not a priority or that you have better things to do. Her asking anything of you that might be a favor to her, is a test to see if you're Beta or Alpha."[8]

Every time they can, white knights will use cockblocking to hinder other men's approaches.


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